Inside Jimin’s 26th Birthday Celebrations

It was a happy day for all ARMY’s out there because it was our baby mochi’s birthday yesterday. Everywhere around the world, fans aka ARMY, went all out to celebrate their Park Filter. And I’m here to discuss bits from the idol’s fun day.

Park Jimin, better known by his stage name Jimin and as a member of the global Phenomenon group BTS, celebrated his birthday last week (13th October 2021) in Seoul, South Korea, and it was quite a blast. 

And the home country of the idol was the hub of all these celebrations. As everywhere in Seoul, there were banners, bulletin boards, LED displays, and more. Even for the first time in Seoul, there was a thematic display of Jimin in the Busan tower that fans were eager to see. 

In the home of the idol’s company (HYBE building),  bubble flower wall display open to the public, which caught the eyes of many. And throughout the day, Seoul was filled with celebrations of the 26-year-old singer. 

Being the charismatic idol he is, Jimin even dropped by on V-Live to interact with his fans. And within 10 minutes of the live stream, he hit 10 million likes in the app. In the live, he thanked ARMY for their gifts and wishes. He also showed us the cake, prepared for him reading, ‘YOU’RE MY PARK FILTER.’

Later in the live stream, the birthday boy was visited by fellow members Jungkook and J-hope, who celebrated their friend’s birthday by taking a shot of soju each. And for those of you who don’t know what soju is, it is a Korean alcoholic drink. Fans were pleased to see their idols chilling and relaxing after their packed schedules. 

Jimin is always known as a person who loves to give to the world. Whether it be through his songs or his love. Or even at times monetary aids, he is always a giver. And because of this personality. For his birthday, he donated over 100 million KRW to the Green Umbrella Child Foundation, a South Korean Organization striving to help underprivileged kids with financial, physical, and emotional aid. And this donation landed him in the Green Noble Club, which honors the biggest donors to the Foundation. Following fellow member J-hope, who was added to the club in 2019. 

jimin on vlive

And in all this giving spirit, fans were quick to impart the same value in honor of their favorite idol. We were also filled with news of many fans going out of their way to make donations throughout the day.

A good example could be the one we saw here in India, where fans ahead of the idol’s birthday gained funding of over 1.5 lakh for ‘Habitat for Humanity India,’ a non-profit organization that provides affordable shelter, sanitation, and housing facilities for those in need. And they donated it also in honor of two other members (RM and Jungkook) who celebrated their birthdays in September. And in all this giving spirit, fans were quick to impart the same value in honor of their favorite idol.

Moving on to the festivities, the day was marked with amazing sights in honor of the birthday boy. Everywhere fans made efforts to make it known that it was their idol’s birthday. Let’s see what happens around the world.

In Russia, the largest stadium in the country, Luzhniki, was lit in the color of BTS and ARMY aka Purple. And even though the feat was tough to organize and pull through, they still stuck through for their baby mochi. And it was worth it to see the illuminating purple.

In Australia and U.S., there were customized helicopter banners that flew on particular and exclusive routes to announce their celebratory spirits for the birthday boy.

In China, thanks to the idol’s dedicated fan base PARK JIMIN BAR. The artist was gifted his very own land. And no, I’m not kidding. It was dubbed as JIMINLAND and featured fifteen giant lights that had the image of Jimin’s classical dance’s as iconic buildings. Though the gift was from china, it was held in Seoul, specifically the Yongsan I’Park Mall. And this is the first time that an idol has had such an extravagant celebration project.


Edited by Urvashi Gupta



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