4 Best Shows To Watch Your Favorite K-Pop Idols

The pandemic had us binge-watching all the shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime; we now want more. If you loved RUN BTS, where members of the K-pop band BTS engaged in various fun activities, then you will surely love these shows. These shows not only tickle your funny bone, but they also make you see how wonderful a strong friendship is and just not that you get to watch some world-famous stars losing and being clumsy.

Here are 4 shows that feature your favorite K-Pop stars for you to binge-watch:

1.    TO DO TXT:- Tomorrow By Together


Having debuted in 2019, TXT is trying to make it into this pandemic-ridden world and slowly is fitting in. TO DO TXT features the well-loved K-Pop idols Tomorrow By Together. This show started on 13 January 2020, just before the pandemic, and treated us well with the wholesome content it provided. TXT is the junior of the well-known K-pop band BTS as they belong to the same label. With 56 episodes till date and airing every Monday, excluding the weeks before their comebacks, they are too cute and hot to resist.

You can watch this show on Vlive or Weverse.

2.    En’o clock:- Enhypen

Another junior to BTS and TXT, K-Pop group Enhypen was formed in a reality TV show by the label that created TXT and BTS named I-land. The final took place on 18 September, and they finally debuted with their first album, Border: Day One, on 30 November. They were already quite entertaining in I-Land, and now they have their show named En’o clock where they dance and quiz themselves and, as usual, betray each other in the most comical ways possible. With 12 episodes till date and airing every Thursday, it is a ray of sunshine and happiness to watch these hilarious kids sometimes doing their best and sometimes their worst.

You can catch this awesome show on YouTube, Vlive, and Weverse.

3.    BlackPink:- BlackPink House/ “24/365 with BlackPink”

BlackPink’s looks are deceiving; they look like they could kill, but they are just way too sweet for this world. And to witness that, you need to watch their show BlackPink House, which right now has four seasons. From moving to the new house to baking macaroons and choosing their rooms and decorating them, this show just gives all the inside scenes of their lives. BlackPink has now started with one more reality show, “24/365 with BlackPink,” which is more like RUN BTS where they fight each other and try to win the day.

“24/365 with BlackPink” has a total of 17 episodes, including the introduction. You can watch these two shows on YouTube and Vlive.

4.    SKZ Code:- Stray Kids

Like En-hyphen, K-Pop group Stray Kids fought many people in the reality show “Stray Kids,” organized by their label JYP and finally debuted in 2017. They are a huge sensation after their senior GOT7 and trying to prove to the world that they do deserve to be on top. Their show SKZ Code tickles you in all the right places. From Bangchan, their leader screaming at the top of his lungs, you will find too many things you can take back and laugh at.

This show right now stands with 12 episodes and all worth being watching. You can watch SKZ Code on YouTube.


Edited by Anupama Roy

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