Top 10 Kpop Songs For An Amazing Workout

When you’re working out, the last thing you need is the music slowing you down. I mean, imagine running on the treadmill listening to ballads and soul-finding tracks. Some may like it but, to each their own. When most people work out, they love to listen to blood-pumping tracks that motivate them to push harder until the completion of their set. For the Kpop lovers out there, I present to you –

Top 10 Kpop Songs for an Amazing Workout:

  1. Not Today – BTSkpop

    If you’re into a power-boosting song with nice beats and drops, this my friend is the song for you. It is a song by the global phenomenon septet BTS. When you feel like giving up and falling, this song will tell you. Well, not today, and ensure you complete that set. Just play it and let it do its job, and you’ll be motivated in no time.

  2. God’s Menu – Straykids

    kpopNow you may be thinking about how a menu would motivate you to work out. Well, the motivation isn’t from the title but from the song itself. Believe me, the way Straykids structured this song will leave you with a tank full of energy. Whether it be the music or the dance. Or even Felix’s deep voice it’s certainly bound to make you pumped for the next set.

  3. Fireworks – Ateez

    workout kpopUnlike the previous song, this song is going to make you excited from the title itself. It is perfect for that slow start into an intensive blow like a firework. If people were to describe this song in two words (in terms of fitness), they would say, “Running Song” because that’s what it does it keeps you on your feet. Known for being a hustling band, get ready to join Ateez and their hustle.

  4. Wonderland – Ateez

    kpop workoutAnother explosive track by the hustling band Ateez. This song is made for the days you don’t want to get up and work out. I know there are days where you can’t bear to get up and hit the gym. And when you feel like be sure to try this song out, it’s going to make you want to work out.

  5. Not shy – ITZY

    kpop workoutIf you generally prefer fun and bold vibes in the gym, then this is the song for you. It’s a piece that makes you not so shy to show off your skills. And flex them too. It’s quite a vibrant song by the girl group ITZY and encompasses all their attitude, transferring it onto you as you workout to your fullest

  6. In the morning – ITZY

    Another track by the girl group ITZY, this song is the epitome of those classic Mafioso vibes. It is a song to unleash that boss inside you as you lift those weights or race the treadmill. As the lyrics say, “I’m the Mafia” you’ll feel like a boss in the gym. The beats of this song are to die for as you hit the gym.

  7. ON – BTS

    “Can’t hold me down’ cause you know I’m a fighter.” and just as the lyrics suggest, this song will be leaving you with the same feeling. The song is a match made in heaven for that motivation you require. The singing paired with the rap is a harmony that is sure to make sure you look at your face in the mirror and push yourself harder.

  8. Given-Taken – Enhypen

    This song is another slow starter by the rookies of the year Enhypen it starts slow only to throw you into a medium-paced chorus. The song is a workout in itself as it warms you up and gives you enough energy to go all out in the drop. The song is a must-try for all gym goers.

  9. Kill this Love – Blackpink

    More like Kill this workout, the song features a marching band vibe as well rocking that perfect balance between singing and rap parts. Even though the song follows a melodic vibe when it’s time for the chorus to shine. There is an intense shower of energy that makes you want to kill this workout. Just play the song and unleash your inner beast.

  10. Cactus – A.C.E

    The songs you choose often help you set the pace for the day’s workout. And if you want a fast-paced one, give this track a shot. It has a fast melody that maintains your momentum and keeps your heart beating for that intense HIIT or cardio workouts.


Edited by Anupama Roy

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