List of the Top 20 Hottest Indian Adult Stars – 2020

India is a country of beauty, so how can the Indian girls be left out of the hottest and the sexiest list of women.
Here is a list of the top 20 Indian Girls that have made a mark in the Adult Stars list –

1. Sunny Leone


Sunny Leone – or Karenjit Kaur Vohra, born May 13, 1981, one cannot forget her act in Baby Doll, which was an Indian Hindi Song. Born to a Punjabi family Sunny Leone has made a mark in the Adult Industry both in Canada and in the US. She was named Penthouse Pet of the Year in 2003. She described herself as a tomboy in her growing years and played street hockey with the boys. 

When she was 11, she had her first kiss, lost her virginity to a basketball player at 16, and discovered
Her Bisexuality at 18.
Dated – Sunny had dated Indian – Canadian stand-up comedian Russell Peters until 2007,
She dated Matt Erikson, a Vice – President in the making of Playboy Enterprises, until 2008. By early 2011,
she had married her current husband, Daniel Weber, an American Actor, producer, and entrepreneur.
Family – Married to Daniel Weber, they adopted their first child and later had two twin boys through
She is one of the most liked and famous in the Adult Film Industry.

2. Priya Anjali Rai

Pin on Priya Anjali Rai
Priya Anjali Rai – has made quite a name for herself in the Adult Film Industry.
She loves to cook and won’t shy away from cooking ‘one big’ meal for you.
She is 41 years of age and a small package of 5’3 inches; she worked as a stripper for 12 years before making her debut at the age of 29 in the adult industry.
Though she was born in New Delhi, she was adopted by an American family; she is currently engaged to a businessman from America.

3. Sahara Knite

Sahara Knite: Movies, TV, and Bio
Sahara Knite – her original name is Saeeda Vorajee, and she was born in 1975 in London and joined the porn industry at the age of 30. She kept her adult career a secret from her parents, but she was disowned when the family got to know the same.
She also made her appearance in the famous Games of Thrones Series.

4. Shazia Sahari

Pin en Otro nivel

Shazia Sahari – is on a roll in the adult film industry; born in 1984, she lives in the United States. She is of mixed descent – Saudi and Pakistani genes. She started to perform explicit movies at the age of 20 and since then has been quite a regular feature in the Adult Film Industry.

5. Neela Sky

Neela Sky – standing at just 5ft and 43 years of age, born in 1977. She is a regular feature in the Adult film industry and is quite famous for her acts.

6. Mia Sahara

Mia Sahara
Mia Sahara – another Indian porn star, started her career in 2007 and has finished 14 years in the adult film industry. She is known for her perfectly innocent face and toned body. 

7. Madhuri Patel 

Madhuri Patel
Madhuri Patel – born in Ahmedabad, Gujrat in 1984, her girl next door looks are quite a rage with the Indian men. Her dusky skin and sultry eyes have made quite a mark in the Adult film space.

8. Jayden Jewel 

Jayden Jewel – was born in Hyderabad in 1976 and was also the first Indian to enter the Adult film industry. After working in the medical field, she moved to the UK and the US and started her adult film career at the age of 21. At 5ft, she packed quite a punch and was well known for her sultry acts. She quit her career in 2010.

9. Rakhee Gandhi

Rakhee Gandhi
Rakhee Gandhi – she has been in the adult film industry since 2013. This petite woman has scorched the Adult film industry with her raunchy acts and is quite popular. She also has a website called ‘Rakhis world,’ and she regularly posts sultry pictures of herself.

10. Destiny Deville

Destiny Deville - 9GAG
Destiny Deville – born as Saban Patel in Mumbai in 1985, she moved to the UK at an early age. She is 5’5 inches tall and has a career of 8 years in the adult film industry. She retired in 2012 but has more than 80 hardcore films to her credit.

11. Leah Jaye

Leah Jaye
Leah Jaye – born in 1986, is of Indian descent, born in the UK. Standing at 5’1, she is a knockout. She started her career in 2006 at the age of 20 and retired in 2014. She amassed more than a century of films to her credit.

12. Anjali Kara

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Anjali Kara – started her career in the South Indian film industry and quit it after becoming an adult film star. At 5’4 inches, she is still recognized as an upcoming star in south Indian films – later in her career, she realized she was bisexual and runs a website – myspace.com.

13. Jaya Patel

Jaya (Gaya) Patal
Jaya (Gaya) Patel – began her stint in the adult film industry back in 2007 and retired in 2010. She is the youngest star of her time and is one of the most popular Indian porn stars. She was born in 1988 in Haryana and stood at 5’1″. Despite working in only 20 movies, she is still very popular

14. Asha Kumara

Asha Kumara on Twitter: "My Pussy close up #brownsuga2z  https://t.co/31RogeMnCG"

Asha Kumara – enters the Adult film industry at the early age of 18. She is from Goa and, standing at just 5 feet, is a petite girl indeed. But that does not take away from the fact that she enjoys vast popularity.

15. Nadia Nyce

Nadia Nyce Net Worth (2021 Update)
Nadia Nyce – started her career in 1995 and had a very short stint retiring in 6 months from the industry. She was in the UK in 1973, and at 5’7, she is hugely popular and known for her movies despite her short career.

16. Jasmine Star

Jazmine Star - Free nude pics, galleries & more at Babepedia
Jazmine Star – born in 1981 and standing at 5’3, she enjoys great popularity in the Adult film industry. She is known for donning a doctor avatar in her movies.

17. Jenaveve Jolie

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Jenaveve Jolie – she started as a strip dancer and moved to different cities and started her career when she was offered an Adult movie while she was working as a strip dancer. She was born in 1984 and had Indian roots though she is an American. She started her career in 2004. She met and married porn star Kris Knight and since then has been with him and ended her career in 2008.

18. Kali Sudhra

Kali Sudhra - Profile Images — The Movie Database (TMDb)
Kali Sudhra – is of Indo – Canadian descent and a queer actress. She started her career in 2018 and currently resided in Spain. She wanted to change the image of Indian women and hence joined the industry.

19. Stacy Carpenter

Stacy Porn Videos Jules Jordan's Official Pornstar Site Porn Videos Jules  Jordan's Official Pornstar Site
Stacy Carpenter – She is a Punjabi adult star who started her career at the age of 21 in 2002. Since then, she has been an active and popular feature in the Adult film industry.

20. Belle Knox

Why Does The Duke Porn Star Call Herself A Libertarian? (VIDEO)
Belle Knox – born in 1995 and 25 years of age, is from America, and she entered the pornographic industry because, as she mentions, she loves it! She began her career in 2013 and, in early 2015, exited the career. She has many adult films to her credit and is hugely popular. She did the same to finance her education in one of the leading universities in America. As soon as she was able to pay the tuition fee, she exited the porn industry

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