Silent Vulgarity Of Bollywood

I am not such a big fan or an enthusiast of Bollywood, but I am all eyes and ears for a classical piece of work in the Bollywood cinematic universe. Some of my younger friends call me an old-timer because of my love for the early 2000’s music and movies, but I don’t mind them. However, Bollywood has always been this vast web of unsolved facts and mysteries.

Bollywood logic is constantly being pondered upon by profound questionnaires and ends up with words like why, how, where, and most importantly, what? For some people, it’s like a dilemma to whether think so much about it or let it slide. For some people like me, it doesn’t matter that much. Sometimes illogical findings in the Bollywood industry meet with utmost vulgarity, a question of sanity, a matter of national integrity, and the cheapest and horrifying of them all “OBJECTIFYING A WOMEN’S BODY.”

This part refrains me from putting my guard down, like what kind of insanity is that where you’re projecting yourself in front of a billion people, and at the same time, you’re objectifying a lady’s body. It’s highly intolerable, and all of the people will agree on this. I’ll explain this in a very simplistic manner possible to the netizens and others too, “PALLU KE NEECHE CHHUPA/DABA KE RAKHA HAI, UTHADU TO HUNGAMA HO,” I have no words left, this translates to “I’ve hidden it under my clothes, and if I uncover myself or remove my clothing, there will be a ruckus.”

What are you trying to show to the public, and what about the jury people who allow these kinds of lyrics to be passed on to the film projection stage.

I am humiliated and frustrated that we, the Indian public, are more at fault than our “RESPECTABLE” Bollywood industry. Our public frequently on various social media platforms disrespects the opposite gender’s body and especially objectifies women. It all comes down to improper education or no education and lack of ethical values.

We all are heading in the wrong direction in the recent case of the “Raj Kundra pornography case.” It’s a horrendous case for sexualizing women and declining their hopes of succeeding in the glamour industry and refraining them from climbing the ladder of success until and unless they are doing naked photoshoots or bold scenes on-screen. It’s much worse than being a misogynistic person.

Bollywood Industry has been in the talks of controversies based upon lies, jeopardizing national facts, disrespecting society’s religious and social integrity, hindering the comfort of hundreds of communities and linguistic groups, and the list goes on and on. The more important factor is regarding the policies made by the CENSOR BOARD.

So much triggered content is shown without appropriate authorization and granted permissions. Thanks to the people of India, our country has come alive. Some of them even started questioning the Bollywood industry on public platforms, as we all know that the Bollywood industry’s only existence is solely fan-based. If we stop watching them, they’ll be gone and will have to shut off their crores of rupees of market.

It’ll be in everyone’s favor if we keep some of the essential pointers and areas in check. For example, these B- grade “item songs” should be banned from films. The movies and songs should stop sexualizing women and objectifying them. Most of the problems would be solved then and there only. Also, Bollywood has been known for creating huge markets around the globe, countless capitalization, huge endorsements[internationally too], and enormous amounts of money.

It has been known for its immense contribution of theatric actors /actresses to the nation. Keeping that aside, it has also been known for its racial discrimination on a widespread scale. It’s like a normal thing in the Bollywood industry. For instance, Bollywood was seen as regressive when a song called “Beyoncé Sharma jayegi.”

It was widely condemned by netizens, as the music emphasized the word “goriya.” As most of us are aware that Beyoncé is of African-American origin, it is dark-skinned. There’s always this advertisement where a very famous actress appears on the tv screen and promotes fair-skin cream, for all the ladies to achieve that fairness.

We don’t realize that the actress who’s being in that advertisement already has fair skin. Leave the agenda then and there, but does it matter?, being fair-skinned makes you look much attractive. Most people would disagree with this. Promoting a fair skin cream encourages the practice of racism and creates an inner void of depression, and results in a lack of self-confidence.

How can someone be so reluctant and ignorant about this factor of Bollywood, and most importantly, how can these actors and actresses be so careless about this? One thing that only matters to them, MONEY. Nepotism has been a usual tradition over a prolonged time in our Bollywood industry. Many deserving candidates, actors, producers, writers, directors, etc., are not given the privilege of showing their talents on a broad scale.

Instead, these “star actors” are always being given multiple chances. They are already privileged to have wealthy parents, a lavish lifestyle, and whatnot. Despite being less talented and less hardworking, they are made richer by giving them fair chances over those who have been working so hard for a long time.

We are not saying that don’t give them adequate opportunities but at least, the people who have no Bollywood backgrounds, no backups, who deserve more chances should be on the same page as the Bollywood star kids. All being said, we all know what Bollywood is, but some of us know what it is. Being so reluctant about countless unfair factors, we still watch them, enjoy them, listen to them, want to be like them, but in the end, all that desire goes into vain when one comes to know the sad reality of “Bollywood industry.”

Edited by Urvashi Gupta


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