A Feast for The Eyes – The Spotted Lake

The spotted lake is a right place to feel the bright sunshine with all the greenery around. A right place to find your inner peace and improve your mental health. A perfect place to know, learn nature and how it works. There should be certain place that everyone has on their wish list. One such place is the ‘spotted/polka dots lake’. This has been a major tourist attraction in the recent years and have gained immense popularity among the tourists. Those who have been there never fails to spread a word about this lake to every other person they meet. This place is not just a casual view but also has various hidden facts behind it which gives people more thrills and excitement to go watch this enchanting view with their own eyes.

Hidden Facts:

Osoyoos, a desert is a southern most town situated in the Okanagan valley present between penticton and omak. The word Osoyoos means the narrows of the lake or where two lakes come together. This town has its special motto that says “Canada’s warmest welcome”. Indeed, this place definitely lives up to its motto. It   is the city with a very low rainfall, high temperature and has the most-warmest lakes too. Also, this city has a very least population with around six thousand people only. This city has a great climate and everything is quite reasonable making it a perfect place for a vacation. The food that is available in this city is extremely delicious and mouth filling. Osoyoos is a wonderful place for vacation and a best place for staying for a longer period of time. The tourism in this city has been a great contributor to the economy. The town is filled with many beautiful places like Rattlesnake canyon, Anarchist mountain lookout, mooncurser vineyards, Mount kobau, Gyro Osoyoos beach, spotted lake, Haynes point provincial park, Okanagan art gallery etc.

The most fascinating place among them is definitely the spotted lake. Spotted Lake in Canada is a major tourist attraction because of its unique charm. The spotted lake located in Canada near the city of Osoyoos is a beautiful place and is one of the must visit places of the world. This lake is hypersaline and has larger pH value. This lake is also called as kiluk by the natives. The few organisms thriving in this environment has to cope-up with the challenges given by the hypersaline lake. Spotted lake is half a mile long and 0.25 km wide. As the name suggests it appears to be spotted. It looks similar to the skin of the leopard. The fact behind this is at the time of summer the water in the lake evaporates and leaves high mineral deposits which appears to be very colorful. The minerals that are obtained here are calcium, magnesium and sodium sulphate. When this phenomenon takes place, the lake looks like as if there are individually 365 pools present. There are also traces of silver and titanium present. The color varies from green to blue to yellow depending on the mineral that is deposited. It is highly saline leading to very few organisms living in the lake but research says that the surrounding is rich in biodiversity.

The Magical Spotted Lake, Canada - Charismatic PlanetHistory shows that during world war I most of the armaments were manufactured from the minerals obtained from the lake. It is highly surprising to know that the salt obtained by the purification process was being shipped to most of the eastern Canadian countries and various other places. It was initially a private property owned by Mr. Ernst Smith for about 40 years. The natives thought that it must be kept as a sacred site and reached out to him. It nearly took 20 years for Ernst Smith to get convinced and sell it for a huge amount of dollars to the officials. It’s highly surprising to know that the lake is not just a beautiful scenery to watch but also the water seems to be a great remedy for warts and certain other skin disease. It is mind-blowing to know that the spotted lake is a closed basin having no inflow or outflow. The 22 hectares of land around the lake is highly protected and strictly maintained by the Canadian government.

To have a look at this beautiful artistic view you got to reach highway 3 west out of Osoyoos for 10 km. Canadian government has imposed certain rules that has to be strictly followed. People are restricted from swimming in the lake. The government fines the traveler to avoid littering the place. The best time to visit this place is during summer from about June to mid of September. If you plan to go during another month of the year, you may not view the spot at all. This place is most loved by the Photographers as it’s a perfect place to shoot beautiful pictures. The nature never fails to surprise us. This lake needs to be protected and preserved. Though there are certain restrictions for tourist to reach the spot, many species of bird live surrounding the lake without any rules.

There are so many exhilarating places like the Spotted Lake to visit around the world. Life seems odd if you miss out on something. If you willing to watch paradise, then this place is definitely a go to go. This lake will always be pollution free as it is untouched by humans. There is a fence provided to watch this lake from a distance. The “Spotted Lake” undoubtedly is a feast to our eyes.

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