5 Weirdest Places On Earth

People love to travel and experience new things specially and create adventure. People of all ages love to travel and explore the outside world.

Here are some of the weirdest places on the earth:

  1. Tunnel of love
  2. Heard island
  3. Glowworm cave
  4. Crooked forest
  5. Snake island

5/5 Snake island:

weirdest places

Location: Brazil

Snake Island has located 93 miles shores of the south Paulo of Brazil. It is a territory that is untouched by human settlers for some reason. It is the habitat of the highest concentrations of the deadliest venomous snakes in the world. The researchers who have gotten a glimpse of the offer have found.

There are about one to around five snakes long and extremely venomous per one square meter. According to the locals, they exaggerate. These snakes use the migrating birds as their prey. The endangered species golden lace heads snakes are native to this locality. The island is only accessible to the Brazilian navy. Illegally the researchers are occasionally entering the island for more adventurous.

4/5 Crooked forest:

Location: Poland

The Crooked Forest is in Poland. It is a grove of curve pine trees located near the town of a griffin. This forest is about 100 pines planted in the village in around 1930. Each pine tree bends sharply to the north then curves back upright after a sideways excursion of three to nine feet one to three meters.

The curved pines surround a surrounding forest of straight pine trees. It is said that human law techniques are used to grow or bend. It has been that the trees may be deformed to create curved timber for use. This spot is open to the public and notable.

3/5 Glowworm Cave:

Location: New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the scenic countries in the world. Beyond the peaks, mountains, valleys, glaciers, and these caves are fairy tale experiences.

Glowworms are the larval forms of species fungus gnat that are endemic to the country. The bioluminescence produced in the insects’ abdomens is to attract prey and the chemical reaction between the Lucifer enzyme and the molecule of Luciferian. The glowworm creates stunning sights and the magical boat ride in the natural world when thousands of glowworms are active.

2/5 Heard island:

Location: Australia

Heard Island is an adventurous place. It spans a territory of approximately 370 kilometers along with other adjacent volcanic islands. It is closer to the Indian ocean. It covers the southwest of Perth and southeast of Madagascar.

The island consists of around 40 glaciers. Almost 80% is covered with ice. It is also known to inhabit penguins, marine birds, and other forms of wildlife. In addition to volcanoes, the weather in the region is insufficient. It is one of the dangerous and mysterious places for adventure.

1/5 Love tunnel:

Location: Ukraine

The tunnel of love is in Ukraine. The industrial railway connects two different cities. It had built-in 1948 for the transportation of woods. Later, it is full of trees on both sides and created a tunnel. The tunnel stretches from 3 to 4.9 kilometers, full of covered with trees like an arch. It is considered a place of positive vibration for its green nature, atmosphere, and fresh air. In all seasons, the colors of the trees change accordingly, so people love to admire the serene green glow.

Edited by Urvashi Gupta

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