Top 5 Brands Who Sponsor BTS

Here are some Top 5 brands that are proud to say that they have collaborated with BTS or, even better, have them as the Ambassadors.

Why do brands reach them? BTS is not just a band that sings and dances; they are a group of people who inspire and bring out the fear and reality in front. You realize so many things just by listening to their music and their struggles. These influential boys are in the heart of everyone, from a small kid of 5 years old to a 60-year-old grandpa; And this is the kind of thing famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Hyundai, Samsung, McDonald’s and Fila try to reach and expand their horizon. 

1. Louis Vuitton


BTS is known to wear clothes ranging from small Instagram businesses to fashion moguls’ brands like Chanel and Gucci. It didn’t come as a surprise when Louis Vuitton scouted BTS as their Global Ambassadors. Virgil Abloh, the artistic director of LV and the founder of Off-White, decided that having BTS as their global ambassador is the best thing that can happen to the brand and the band.

BTS featured in Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Fall Winter 2021 Fashion Show. BTS has in the past refused to be tied down to one brand and wear the same brand clothes, but Louis Vuitton has given them artistic freedom and can wear whatever they want and still be the face of LV.

2. Hyundai

Whenever you hear south Korean brand of car first name to pop up is Hyundai. Hyundai is not just famous in Korea but worldwide for its world-class safety feature in its automobiles. BTS was roped in for promoting the brand globally starting from 2018. You will not see BTS riding world-class Lamborghini or Ferraris but Genesis GV80 SUV. They have collaborated and written and song for the brand too.

3. Samsung

After Apple, one phone brand that comes to mind is Samsung. Whereas Apple is leading in the IOS, but it’s Samsung that is ruling the android world. BTS started as the country brand ambassador beginning in 2015, but now, they have become the global ambassador. The recent release of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 has Army-is flipping.

There is one more piece of news of Suga, the rapper, composer, and producer and the 2nd oldest of the group that produced the theme song for the brand (Voice of Galaxy) on the song over the horizon. BTS interacts with the product on a daily basis. They are seen to use Samsung phones and review them like tech-Youtubers once in a while. Samsung also came out with the Samsung galaxy 20+ BTS edition, which was full of BTS features and Bluetooth earbuds to pair with it.

4. McDonald’s

Even though BTS is not the ambassador for this fast-food company and only collaborated with them for a short period but it’s essential to mention it in this list. BTS collaborated with McDonald’s and came up with a BTS meal featuring one chicken burger, fries, coke, and two sauce. This campaign started on 4th June and lasted till 4th July. McDonald’s sales plummeted by 600% and not only in Korea but worldwide.

5. Fila

In the line of sportswear and loungewear, Fila is quite heard too many times. BTS, also being the ambassador of loving yourself and being comfortable, vouched for the global brand to represent them worldwide. They have collaborated in lines such as BTS x FILA “love yourself”, project 7, and many more. You will find BTS members donning FILA whenever they are just sitting around or playing games they love.

Edited by Prakriti Arora

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