Top 5 BTS Solo Songs you need to listen to

For those of you who do not know much about BTS, you might not know about the fantastic solos they put out there – solos that bring out various emotions in you. BTS solos sometimes are present in the group’s album but, also at times, are released as singles. These Solo pieces only have one of the members as the singer. Thus the title Solo.

Here are 5 BTS Solos you need to listen to:

1. Abyss – Jin


Sung by BTS member Jin, this piece is an absolute masterpiece. It highlights the tranquility and softness of Jin’s voice. The tune is soothing as this song is too. The song is meant for when you want to lie down and relax without any thought. The number portrays Jin’s High pitch as we don’t get to see it that often. Released precisely 2 hours before Jin’s 28th birthday, this piece was meant to be a gift for his fans. Jin talks about his insecurities and the darker emotions that drove him to write the song in the melody.

He wrote this song with a lot on his mind; along with the help of fellow member RM, who helped him write the chorus, he conveyed his feelings and released them as a gift.

2. Still With You – Jungkook

This piece was a release for the BTS Festa 2020 anniversary celebration. This was Jungkook’s first official Solo Release. A heartfelt song made for BTS and ARMY, stated by Jungkook. This melody has a breathtaking piano tune and a heavy influence of Jazz and hints of R&B. The song is ideal for the singer’s voice, a soft soprano. He wrote the lyrics with ARMY in mind to convey his feelings. He described it as a song coming to him suddenly when he was sitting lost in thought. The song gives us a sense of missing someone and wanting to be with them. And at the same time, this song helps us overcome the missing feeling by engulfing us whole.

3. Tokyo – RM

This piece is a part of RM’s mixtape name “Mono.” It has background music of the city, allowing the track to come to life. This masterpiece has both English and Korean words. The melody is a calming one, and it helps you relax as you look at the world. It hands us a sense of longing or missing something. And RM emphasizes the former giving us a feeling of longing or how it feels to be in that sense. Tokyo’ in Japanese is 東京, and it is 동경 (dong-gyung) in Korean, which when translated in English means a state of longing.’

RM outdid himself with this melody as it transfers his emotions directly onto us. It conveys to us all the feelings of homesickness, Missing, and longing. It’s an amazing piece to listen to. But, instead, I would say it’s an amazing piece to feel.

4. Winter Bear – V

This track is a soft yet energetic piece, written as a tribute to his grandmother’s 3rd anniversary of passing. Something more special about this piece is that the video is a compilation of the home recordings v took during his travels and tours. He revealed in a Vlive that he was guided by the movie “About Time,” especially the part where the main character proposes to his fiancé as she sleeps while kneeling beside her bed. And as we listen to the piece, we can feel its heavy influence.

We can understand that maybe the song was written from the lead’s perspective as he sees his fiancé sleeping peacefully like a winter Bear. This piece is also significant as ARMYs marked it as 1000 days of the household iconic phrase “Borahae” or “I purple you.”

5. Dear My friend (feat. Kim Jong Wan) – Agust D

This track is the closing track on Agust D’s (Suga) Mixtape D-2. It has a sad or ballad-type vibe. And off the bat, we get this nostalgic vibe, like the ones we get while reminiscing about the past, and as we delve into the lyrics, it stands to be true. This piece is a soulful song as it talks about him missing his friend. 

It’s a melody that recalls one of Yoongi’s childhood friends from his hometown Daegu in Korea. He recalls everything that went on with him and his friend who was in Jail. He remembers and asks if he had stopped the said friend, would things have been different now. He explains the love-hate relationship with his friend. He mentions how things changed over time. But, still ending it by saying if he had stopped his friend back then. How would it be now? Would they still be friends? This piece is a story in a song. So it’s a must-listen.

Edited by Prakriti Arora

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