Top 5 Collaborations Between BTS Members And Korean Artists

Yes, BTS is a global brand but don’t be mistaken that they only collaborate with western artists. That is definitely not the case. They love collaborating with artists who are like their own. From IU to their juniors TXT, they really have done it all.

Here is a list of the artist BTS collaborated with and didn’t let our expectations down:

1.    “Eight” By IU feat Suga (Prod. Suga)


Even before people knew BTS, they knew who IU is. Her soulful voice brings all your emotions to the surface. She has done everything from rock to ballad and collaborating with BTS’s rapper, producer, and composer Suga was just one more feather on her coat.

This song was released on 6 May 2020 when the world was in a pandemic; this song brought hope in the form of an upbeat ballad.

2.    “0X1 love song” By TXT (co-written by RM)

TXT has shown to the world that just like their seniors, they are worthy of every win. When the group and the CEO of the label were in the turmoil of making this song, RM aka Kim Namjoon, the leader, rapper, composer, and producer of many BTS songs, came to the rescue and wrote a beautiful song that will be on your lips forever.

The articulate words that are woven into the song just bring out the best.

3.    “Don’t” By eAeon feat RM (co-written by RM)

eAeon and RM, being really nice friends, decided to bring out the feelings inside of them and form a song that touches your heartstrings and leaves you thinking. “Don’t” was released in April of 2021, and it features beautiful songwriting by both eAeon and RM. But not only that, we are also treated by the soulful vocals of the leader of BTS (RM).

4.    “Snow flower” BY Taehuyng of BTS feat Peakboy (written and sung by Taehuyng)

V aka Kim Taehuyng, one of the vocalists from BTS who also happens to write the most heart-touching lyrics, collaborated with one of his best friends from his “wooga squad” to bring out a lullaby for all the fans all over the world to which they can sleep and dream.

This song was released in the cold December of 2020. V deep and soulful voice makes you grab and blankie and sip hot chocolate in front of a furnace.

5.    “Wine” by Suran feat changmo (Prod. Suga)

Suran had previously featured in Suga’s song “so far away,” which was included in his first solo mixtape Agust-D. This song is as soft and sweet as wine, and I bet you can get drunk just by listening to this song. This song was co-produced by Suga, for which he got his first award not as a singer but as a producer.

This song was also included as the 3rd track in Suran’s mini-album “walkin.” This song got released on 24 April 2017.


Edited by Anupama Roy


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