5 K-pop Idols Who Aren’t From Korea

You don’t have to be born in Korea to be a K-pop idol. And that is what the Idols mentioned below have proved.

K-pop or Korean pop is such a phenomenon these days. And people who are new to the topic always want to know more and more. Well, did you know that there is a good percentage of idols who aren’t from Korea ?. People who enter the world of K-pop are often shocked to see that many K-pop Idols are from different ethnic backgrounds.

So without further ado, I present to you 5 K-pop idols who aren’t Korean :

  1. Jae – Day6


    Park Jae – Hyung, better known for his stage name Jay is the main vocalist and lead guitarist in the Band Day6. The singer-songwriter, before joining the band gained recognition by being one of the final six Finalists in a famous singing competition K-pop Star. The Star was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He then moved to Cerritos, California, where he completed his mandatory education before pursuing his higher studies and falling in the path of the Kpop Industry.

  2. Amber Liu – f(x)

    The artist was born in Los Angeles, California, and is of Taiwanese origin. The singer-songwriter spent most of her life in LA, as well as completing her education there. In2008, SM Entertainment was casting trainees in a Global Audition in Los Angeles, Amber auditioned and a cast came her way. After which, the Singer underwent training and debuted under the girl group f(x) along with fellow members Victoria, Luna, Krystal, and Sulli, who departed from the group in 2015.

  3. Nichkhun – 2PM

    Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul, a.k.a Nichkhun, is a member of the South Korean boy band 2PM with other members Jun.K, Wooyoung, Taecyeon, Chansung, and Junho. The singer-songwriter is actually of Thai-Chinese descent. He was born in Rancho Cucamonga, California, U.S… The Singer was scouted by JYP Ent at a Festival and then followed his path to becoming a K-pop Idol. Nichkhun shows everybody his multi-ethnic sides in the K-pop industry, as he is fluently able to pull off Thai, Korean, English, Japanese, and Basic Chinese.
  4. Huening Kai – TXT

    The cutesy aegyo member of the revolutionary boy band Tomorrow X Together is famous for his distinct face. The Singer is of American- Korean origin. Kai’s mother is Korean, and his father is German (born in brazil), giving the member a distinct set of features. Kai was himself born in Hawaii, U.S., shortly moving to China where he lived for seven years and finally moving to South Korea when he was eight. He is also the first foreign member to debut under BigHit.
  5. Henry Lau – Super Junior M (formerly)

    The former violinist of the famous boy band Super Junior-M, better known as the ‘Music Genius’ of South Korea, followed down the K-pop career path after being chosen in a global audition held by SM Entertainment. Henry was born in Toronto, Ontario, his father is of Hongkong descent, and his mother is of Tawainese descent. The artist was born with music in his veins as he actively learned music from his early ages. Henry is also a good example of how multi-ethnicity idols have benefits, as the composer can speak four languages, Korean, English, Mandarin, and conversational Cantonese.


Edited by Anupama Roy

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