Top 5 Of The Best BTS Music Video Concepts

BTS is such a phenomenon these days. Almost each day guarantees the entry of a new ARMY into the fandom. BTS is known for many things – their message, their looks, their sense of style, their playfulness, their sincerity, and much more. But what draws ARMY’s the most to BTS is their music. Ask any ARMY, and they’ll be sure to tell you that they first saw the group through one of their MV’s or music videos.

MV’s or Music Videos are like a pilot episode for their entrance into the series called Fandom. And believe me, it is as pivotal as any pilot episode ever released. Whenever ARMY’s see a new baby ARMY, the first thing they ask them is what their first MV was and which was their most liked MV. 

When ARMY’s see MV’s by BTS, it always feels like they transport to a different dimension of artistic views. Through these MV’s, the song gets a mental image. 

And for BTS in particular, the MV’s serve as a continuation or hinting medium toward their Universe aka BU (Bangtan Universe). And if you’re wondering what that is – it’s a storyline created by Bighit Entertainment, wherein every member has a different storyline, which comes together. This Bangtan Universe is also featured up to its first season as a webtoon named Save Me in The webtoon Website.

But, before I stray from the topic and delve deeper into the Bangtan Universe, let’s jump onto today’s piece. 

Top 5 of the Best BTS Music Video concepts:

My Universe – Coldplay x BTS

music video

This MV really proved to us that almost any concept fits the septet group. And it was also a step away from the usual having the perfect extraterrestrial theme. This MV shot us into outer space with its mind-blowing CGI and makeup. The MV talks about uniting worlds through music and defying laws that ban music.

Directed by Dave Meyers. This MV also makes us think about how music is truly a life force for some. The members looked good in simple yet statemental attire, and the British band wore casual and eye-catching clothes as they hologram in and out of their planets.

Blood Sweat & Tears – BTS


When talking about eye-catching MV’s, how can we forget about this one, which caught so many eyes that it paved the way for their immense success. The music video features a philosophical vibe with its almost art gallery vibes or artsy vibes and bright colors. This MV was also known for its bold clothing sense as the boys rocked in ruffes and silky loose shirts.

The MV was directed by Yong Seok Choi and Edie YooJeong Ko, and talks about a desire for a tempting toxic love. This MV is confusing at first but, trust the process as it all falls into place, leaving wanting more and more.

Fake Love – BTS

music video

This song not only serves us great looks but also serves as a deep and thoughtful message. The song has ballad vibes, with the members singing about a love that makes them want to lie to themselves. The MV emphasizes that to gain love. They each need to lie to themselves to accommodate that love. Directed by Yoon Seok Choi.

This MV is very intriguing and is the third part of a four-part series on love and surrounding the different aspects of love. The piece is full of emotional and meaningful lyrics.

Butter – BTS

bts music video

The Septet’s second full English single threw all ARMY’s in a loop with its vibrant vibes. The song is the perfect summer song to boost you through the day. This MV concept including a lot of bold colors like dark orange, dark yellow, purple, red, etc, which are the perfect colors for the summer.

The MV concept presented us with some mind-blowing hairstyles and colors as well as outfits. The song made headlines for its pick-me-up vibes and tune. This song made every ARMY willingly surrender to their summer desires.

Spring Day – BTS

music video concept

This MV was another cryptic one as it had many theories, and based on the song’s lyrics, it can be interpreted, that the singer is talking about his friends in a solemn tune, saying how much he misses them and longs to meet them soon. The video encompasses the whole winter vibe as the song compares the missing feeling to that of winter and its snow flying in the air. The significance of the song’s title falls in the latter part of the song, which is more hopeful and talks about how change is possible and that winter would eventually turn to spring, allowing them to meet.

The MV also showed a connection to a short story called, The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas.


Edited by Anupama Roy

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