Here Are 5 Reasons as why Sasaeng Fans Are Injurious Kpop

The infamous “Sasaeng Fans” I’m pretty we’ve come across that name at least once in our life. But, for those of you who don’t know who or what they are, let me tell you. Sasaengs are fans who adore their idols to the point of obsession by stalking them and engaging in other activities that invade their privacy. They obsess over wanting to be closer to their idols and go to great lengths to do so.

They also make up a majority of South Korea’s toxic fan culture. Sasaeng fans are pretty famous in the community and can range from soft-spoken to violent and threatening ones. Stans always ensure to be on the lookout for such people and report them, but some manage to escape and make their way into their idol’s private life.

These interferences cause significant problems to the idols. Stans are always going to be on the lookout to protect their idols. But, it’s sad that even then, they have to go through such unfortunate situations. Sasaengs don’t understand that Idols are humans, too, and they don’t understand the concept of boundaries. 

But, it’s good to know that Sasaeng cases aren’t occurring as often as they used to in recent times. Companies are now taking strict actions against any act by fans seen as harmful or threatening. Even the idols themselves are coming out sharing their experiences, advising fans not to go to such extremes to get their attention, and explaining how it affects them.

Here are 5 times when sasaengs took it too far

BTS’s Airport haul

This incident is a clear example of how Sasaengs don’t care about the feelings of their idols. When BTS landed in Indonesia for its performance in 2015. As soon as they exited the gates, they were rampaged on by thousands of their fans. Considering their fame, they were used to such Airport crowds but, they didn’t expect such a rush in Indonesia. As soon they came out from their gate, they were greeted by many fans pulling and tugging at them. Some even tried to grab their belongings.

Jungkook, the group’s maknae, was particularly caught in the thick of it as the fans grabbed on his shirt, pulling him around while we hear other fans screaming at the Sasaengs to stop doing that. From the countless videos taken, it was visible that the idol himself was in actual discomfort and annoyance. After the security takin it into their hand, the members finally managed to get out and make their way to the hotel.

Kim Heechul’s car chase that led to an accident

A classic example of the stalking exhibited by Sasaengs. When Super Junior’s member Kim Hee-chul was driving, he noticed a car following him and realized a sasaeng fan. In an attempt to not be followed, he tried to lose the car, but the fan was very persistent with the chase, which caused Hee-chul to try various routes. This chase eventually led to an accident in Kim Heechul’s car and even led him to the hospital with a broken foot.

Taecyeon’s Bloody Message 

Notes given to k-pop idols are often lovely and heartful. But, not this one as it only brought the feeling of disgust. This act was targeted for 2PM’s Taecyeon, who opened a letter from his fan and was shocked to see what was inside. Inside was a note written in blood saying, “You can’t live without me.”

Later it was revealed that the note was written from the fan’s menstrual pad, which the lover confirmed by posting a picture of her sanitary napkin. Only later, when the group’s enraged fans called the fan-out, she apologized for her actions stating that she wasn’t a Sasaeng and just wanted to express her admiration for the idol

A Live Stage Grab 

During a concert in April 2011 at the Lotte World Ice Rink, Girls’ Generation leader Kim Taeyeon was grabbed in an attempt to kidnapping by a Fan who managed to escape the security and run on stage. He sneaked onto the stage, grabbed Taeyeon as they performed “Run Devil Run,” and started to drag her backstage. But, luckily this was intercepted by fellow member Sunny and the comedian and MC of the show, along with security personnel.

 VIXX’s Royal Abduction

During the show of Radio Star, One of the VIXX “N” members revealed to the audience that they were once the victims of a kidnapping. After one of their performances in Kazakhstan, they were going to the airport to return to Korea. And as they neared the area, their manager stepped out to get some work done.

But, as soon as he was done, the bus took off, and the person driving informed the members of being taken to the lounge due to an intense commotion in the Airport gate entrance. As they left, their manager tried to chase the vehicle cursing out. But, it was of no use.

As they arrived at the location, the door opened, and a young high school girl stepped in saying that she was the “Country’s Princess,” and a massive fan of the group, especially N. She said she did all this to get pictures to shake their hands. Later, it was revealed that she wasn’t a princess as the country doesn’t have royalty, but maybe she was the daughter of a higher-ranking official.

 Edited by Urvashi Gupta

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