The ‘Golden Maknae’ Jeon Jungkook’s 24th Birthday Celebrations

On August 1st, 1997, a baby boy was born in Busan, South Korea. Though, the child did not know what his destiny had in store for him. The mother’s conception dreams were sure that success was in store for the baby boy. But, before I tell you more about the birthday boy, I have to ensure that we are on the same page. And I’m pretty sure we are, because who else will I be talking about other than the ‘Golden Maknae‘ himself, Jeon Jung-kook’.

Jeon Jung-kook, better known as, Jungkook is a member of the sensational septet K-pop boy group BTS or Bangtan Sonyeondan. The artist celebrated his 24th birthday today (1st September, 2021).

Fans worldwide went all out to show their love as soon as the clock struck 12 in Korea. Fans flooded different social media platforms to wish the idol for his much-awaited birthday. With the group having just completed 3000 days in the industry. The fans were considering this birthday to be a real special one. They even made Jungkook the no.1 trending topic on Twitter.

Most people would do a countdown for their birthday with their friends and family. But, Jungkook decided to spend the countdown of his birthday with his fans, a.k.a ARMY. As soon as the soon-to-be birthday boy started a v-live, fans flooded in to see his face. Not only did our Maknae talk and interact with ARMY, but he also gave them all a surprise gift.


The singer previously asked his fans on Weverse to send him some wishes, which he then used as impromptu lyrics in a song he sang for them. The song was a perfect gift that filled ARMY’s heart with love and joy. Even fellow member J-hope dropped by and wished the Maknae with a cake. In addition to the melodious and surprising song Jungkook sang for them, he also gave the fans a mini-concert where he sang the group’s songs such as “Mic-Drop,” “Sea,” “Pied Piper,” etc., making ARMY’s smile through their devices.

ARMY’s are always known to go all out during their idol’s birthdays. So it didn’t come as a shock. When we saw all the celebrations being held on behalf of fans for the birthday boy, everywhere all around the world, fans put up banners and boards for the Golden Maknae. From Japan to India to even Cairo, fans did everything to ensure that everyone knew it’s their favorite idol’s birthday. In Cairo, they put up LEDs that could be seen throughout the city. In India, fans put out banners, and Some fanbases such as the ‘Golden Alliance PH’ even paid to get a solar artwork of the idol, which could only be seen from the sky.

In Indonesia, not only did the fans put out banners but, they also adopted more than 4000 baby turtles and took care of them until they hatched and were led out into the sea, which was a preservation project under Jungkook’s name. In the city of K-pop and the artist, Seoul, there were plenty of boards, banners, and even Jungkook’s printed face on ATMs. The brand’s that the group represented, such as Hyundai, sent out gifts and put the idol’s pictures on their displays. Well, it’s safe to say that ARMY got their words out which, I’m sure Jungkook would’ve appreciated a lot.

So let’s see what the ARMY has in store for us next year?


Edited by Anupama Roy

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