Top 5 K-pop Idols With The Shortest Training Period

In the K-pop industry, it’s a rite of passage to go through mandatory training, where the soon-to-be idols are known as trainees. And these trainees undergo a gruesome training routine. They learn everything there is to learn in the field of singing and dancing. And the international trainees go through additional drilling of the Korean language into their heads.

This training is a way for trainees to understand the ways of a K-pop Idol and learn how difficult it is to maintain the status of a K-pop idol. And usually, this training period can be from 3 to 4 years, some even debuting only after ten years of training. 

The training is so brutal that most of the trainees drop out after a year. But, the ones who persevere make it into the limelight. And where some go through training for a long time, some debut very quickly, going through a short period of training. And the ones mentioned below fall in the latter. So without further ado, I present to you. 

Top 5 K-pop idols with the Shortest Training Period :

5. Youngjae – GOT7

The singer-songwriter is known to his fans as the person Born to be an idol. Owing to the fact he debuted with a training period of less than a year. He was the last member to be revealed for the new boy band group GOT7. After just seven months of training. Youngjae is the only member with a short training period, whereas everyone in the group trained for at least two years. 

4. Jimin – BTS

known for his charismatic face and angelic dance moves. This singer, a part of the maknae line, debuted after just six months of training. The singer was already attending Busan Arts Highschool and topping his class as an exceptional dancer. Well, it’s safe to say Jimin is right where he belongs. 

3. Baek-Hyun – EXO

The 29-year-old singer was so talented that by the time he was scouted. He was already attending the Seoul Institute of Arts. Before joining his school, Baekhyun missed his audition and settled for going to a music school but lucky for him because that’s where everything fell in its place. The idol was spotted first by an ‘SM’ casting agent in 2011, and after about four months of training, the singer debuted in 2012 with boy band group EXO.

2. Jeon Ji-woo – K.A.R.D

All hail the maknae of the co-ed group K.A.R.D, who debuted after a training period of 2 months under DSP Media. 2 months was all it took for this singer-rapper to debut with K.A.R.D. As soon as she passed the audition she was asked to record the group’s soon to be hit tune ‘Oh Na Na’.

1. Olivia Hye – LOONA

During a ‘Ji Sun Jin’s 2 O’Clock Date’ episode, the South Korean singer revealed that she debuted after one day of training. After hearing this, it was official that Olivia held the record for having the shortest training period. The member was introduced as the last member and that is the 12th member of the girl group LOONA.


Edited by Anupama Roy

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