Top 5 BTS moments that define the word Friendship

Friendship is such a nice word. It’s an ideal word to describe the way BTS treats each other. Knowing each other for eight years, these boys have an inseparable bond; seeing each other through thick and thin and emerging successfully together. They’ve been through a lot.

Here are the top 5 heart-melting moments that show the true meaning of friendship in BTS:

1. Apparent threat


Truly the definition of friendship goes a long way. During one of their concert soundcheck, ARMYs noticed BTS members Jin and Jimin twinning wearing the same aquamarine blue sweatshirt and even similar Sunglasses. What was taken as a simple twinning situation was later revealed as a tactic proposed by Jin. Earlier, the group’s member Jimin had received a death threat from a Sasaeng along with a picture of the seat ticket to show they were going to be there.

It was then Jin proposed to wear the same outfit to throw the Sasaeng off. They dressed so similar that it was hard to see who was who. When asked about this situation in a press conference, Jimin replied that he didn’t want the fans to worry. Even though the members played it cool, it must’ve been scary. What Jin did was not only an act of bravery and protection but also an act of true friendship.


2. V’s Birthday Wishes to Jin

This one is just so sweet it’ll make sure you get an instant sugar rush. The incident happened during a Naver’s V Live hosted by Jin for his birthday on December 4th. During the call, fellow BTS member V and after the conversation, despite V hesitancy, he revealed a sweet gift he got from V for his birthday. Wrapping up late the previous night, Jin was tired and wanted to sleep. But, thinking that people would try to contact him for midnight wishes, he stayed awake till 1.

After receiving a few messages at midnight, he felt disheartened with a feeling of ‘I must not have lived my life properly.’ Before going to bed, Jin then texted the group saying, “I waited until 1 am but, no one sent me any messages” seeing this, V called all of his friends and asked them to send video wishes to Jin. A surprised Jin saw around 7-8 people wish him a happy birthday. Even actor Park Seo-Joon’s wishes were among them.

He was very thankful for this, and after the call, he was told that more wishes were waiting for him as well as V assuring him that he is loved by many.

BTS Jin 'moved' as V organises birthday wishes from famous friends | Metro  News


3. A heartfelt letter

Grab your tissues, people; you are in for a tear fall or two. During the last episode of Bon Voyage Season 2 in Hawaii. While the group was wrapping up their day on a boat. They decided to read out the letters they wrote for each, and the one that V wrote to Jimin melted our hearts as V himself teared up as he read the letter out. Before starting, he states that he simply wrote his heart down, and he continues to read his letter as everyone feels nervous. V mentions how they came to Seoul together and did everything together. Always eating together, going to school together, even going for practice.

Being the infamous 95 liners, they’ve always been together. He calls the days before debuting where Jimin was anxious; V was called to ask what he thinks about Jimin being in his group, and after a lot of thought. He said it would be great as Jimin has been with him through the ups and downs when he’s happy or crying. He then apologizes for how sorry he is to always be on the receiving end.

He thanks him for liking him despite his shortcomings. He then ends it on a sweet note by telling him lets continue walking on this road to happiness. Listening to all This, Jimin feels very happy and even tells and explains that though the letter subjects V as the receiver, It always goes both ways.


4. From the leader to V

This letter truly makes you wonder how BTS must love each other. BTS leader writes his letter to V, During the Second season of Bon Voyage in Hawaii. In the letter, he gives insight into V’s personality and what he thought of him in the beginning V/S now. He starts by mentioning V as he first saw him, a Bambi – eyed boy with busy legs and a boy who would be a rascal. He mentions V’s personality, which he thought was strange and unique, often making him wonder how he bears everything himself.

But, as RM grew older, his hair greW longer, he realized that he who thought of himself as the Norm was also a pretty puzzling guy. He recalls being drawn to V’s uniqueness and even being envious of him because everyone liked him and he could make friends easily. He tells V that he showed everyone that his uniqueness was his charm. H expresses his gratitude to V and ends by saying how thankful he is that V didn’t become a farmer or a saxophonist and joined BTS.


5. RM’s “Giyeok” to all

Memories are really powerful catalysts, and this incident proves that. I’m sure that ARMYs who have seen this would’ve been crying as BTS member RM read his memorable letter to the group. He titles the letter as I “Giyeok’ which means I remember. He goes on to remember everything he recalls about first meeting the members. He uses the member’s birth names and not their stage names giving it a personal touch. He remembers Taehyung’s (V) half buzz cut, Maknae Jungkook’s Bambi-like eyes, and stone-washed jeans.

He remembers Hoseok’s (J-Hope) gray padded jacket, Yoongi’s (Suga) blue sweat pants, and especially when Seokjin (Jin) wasn’t into dad jokes. He remembers Jimin’s chubby body and remembers all the times they had together as young boys. Their rides by the Han river, their clothes, bulgogi, chairs in the waiting room, and especially their blood, sweat, and tears. He says these are all his memories in the drawer of his mind, and as the 1st Korean consonant, they are his precious firsts. He then ends it by saying again today I “Giyeok” memories.

Edited by Prakriti Arora

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