5 Global Artists BTS Collaborated With

Whether a song collaboration, a lyricist, or a singer, we always want the best of both worlds. BTS has a great rapport with many artists because of their kindness and love, and their songs are some of the best.

So Here Is a List Of Artists BTS Collaborated With:

1. Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran, a singer-songwriter, musician, and record producer, has not yet sung with BTS, but yes, he has written songs with them. The most recent being “permission to dance,” which topped the billboard top 100 charts. One more song that Ed has collaborated with BTS is “make it right.”

This song is very personal to ARMY-ies and BTS as BTS conveys the message that how at one time when the whole world hated him, ARMY-ies were there to support them no matter what and vice-versa. Ed Sheeran and BTS are very great friends, too, which adds a natural cherry on top

2. Halsey

Halsey is famously known to be a revolutionary female singer who is not afraid to put what they feel in their songs and be vulnerable. Halsey has collaborated with BTS on the song “Boy with luv,” a transitionary song for their last song, “Boy in luv.”

Halsey just not only gave her voice but performed in endless concerts and stages with them for the song. This made Halsey and BTS each other’s best friends, bringing gifts to each other and even sharing a secret handshake with BTS Namjoon(RM) leader.

3. The Chainsmokers


The American electronic DJ and Production Duo were so impressed by the influence of BTS that they co-wrote a song with them. The fated song is “Best of me,” another song that conveys how BTS and their fan bring each-others best in them. The Chainsmokers also were the ones who presented them at American Music Awards on their US debut. Chainsmokers were so kind and friendly that BTS also came not only to their concert but danced with them on the stage itself.

4. Steve Aoki

One Asian brother to the other! A very profound DJ, Steve Aoki, has collaborated with them in 3 songs, and all of them were all hit. The first one being “Truth untold” then “MIC DROP.”

Mic Drop just passed the mark of 1billion streams on YouTube, and Steve couldn’t stop gushing how thankful he is to BTS and ARMY-ies, and he conveyed this message via a video. BTS was grateful to Steve when he made a bop beat of MIC DROP, and in return, they collaborated with Steve on his song “waste it on me.”

5. Lauv

The upcoming artist who didn’t even have his first album release was too happy to be kept when BTS agreed on collaborating with him on their song “Make it right,” as mentioned above, whose lyrics were co-written by Ed-Sheeran.

Lauv sang Verse 1, refrain-chorus, and chorus in the remix of the same. The song was already studded with so many stars that adding Lauv was like adding some more stars. To thank Lauv, BTS’s members Jimin and Jungkook collaborated with him on his songs “who” for his first album.

Edited By Urvashi Gupta

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