BTS As The Special Presidential Envoy At The UN General Assembly

It’s not every day that a band gets recognized as helpful in the field of politics. But, South Korea proved us otherwise when they appointed influential band BTS as the special presidential envoy for South Korea.

The K-pop boy band is taking part in the United Nations General Assembly in New York alongside their president Moon Jae-in. It was a great honor for the members, as they were appointed as the Special Presidential Envoy for Future Generations and Culture.

The leader of the group RM or Kim Nam-Joon, even expressed his thoughts on getting such an honor. “It is a huge honor, both as an individual and a citizen, to be able to hold the title of special presidential envoy for future generations and culture,” BTS member RM said.


The letters of appointment were handed to the boys at the Cheong Wa Dae or the Blue House on the 14th of September in a publicized ceremony. The septet received a fountain pen and their diplomatic red passports, as well as a chance to fist-bump their president. 

The boy band is going to stay in New York from Sept. 19-23, and is going to attend the second meeting of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Moment of The Decade of Action, alongside president Moon Jae-in on Monday the 20th of September.

Moreover, this isn’t the first time that the band has attended the UN General Assembly. Previously, they had attended the 73rd UN General Assembly and spoke about their message, and helped to launch Generation Unlimited, which is a campaign meant to get every young person into quality education, training, or employment by 2030.

As the band rolled into the JFK airport on 18th September, fans went crazy. As they saw the boys entering their vehicles en route to their hotel. With the event two days later, the boys were preparing to give their best in their new position and set of responsibilities.

On Monday morning, the K-pop Boy Band dressed in their finest suits, looking clean and rocking that intellectual look, made their way with their president Moon Jae-in to attend the meeting.  

The septet delivered a speech following president Moon Jae-in, which was uplifting and inspiring. The boys being part of an aware generation, stated their relationship with the issue at hand. The members covered a lot of topics in their speech as each member spoke about a single topic. The boys covered climate change, sustainable development, and sustainable development, especially during the ongoing pandemic, in their speech.

The septet also made an effort to be as inclusive as possible. The Boys speeches inspired everyone and were relatable because they had included the voice of their fans, a.k.a. A.R.M.Y.

The speech embodied the meaning of a better tomorrow and encouragement, as the members stood on the podium and delivered their speeches. They related to the topics that everyone went through daily. It was like they spoke to everyone on the same plane. They mentioned being a welcoming generation for a better world.

“The teenagers and those in the Twenties are not a lost generation. They are a welcoming generation. They forge ahead with possibilities of better tomorrow,” BTS leader RM Said. The words of the members were filled with positive vibes with the hopes that everyone would feel a little better about the current situation.

And to add to that happiness, the group not only gave a speech as a septet. But, they also performed their hit single, Permission to Dance, in and outside the UN headquarters in New York. They made history, in fact, as the only K-pop group to perform inside the UN General Assembly hall in New York.


Edited by Anupama Roy

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