5 Times BTS Absolutely Slayed In Their Outfits

Fashion is quite vital for Kpop groups. Not only does it show their individuality, but it also shows their message and image as a whole. They often love adding their elements to their outfits, and sometimes they also give us ideas.

Fans and people alike really love to know about the latest trends from their k-pop idols and their likes/dislikes in fashion. Known to be quite strong in the game, unveiling themselves as the Global Brand Ambassadors of the luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton.

Here are 5 times BTS officially slew their outfits. 

BTS and Dior

The iconic black-on-black Commando vibes that caused the internet to be flooded was a friendship between the British Designer Kim Jones and the group during one of their travels. On may 2nd, the designer posted a sketch he drew for the septet group inspired by his Pre-fall line, and fans were ecstatic.

The outfits were to be worn on May 4th, 2019, in the Los Angeles’ Rose Bowl Stadium for the septets’ Love Yourself: Speak Yourself World Tour. Seeing the sketch, fans were able to get the aesthetic vibes with its Monochrome shade, harness, and chains. And as the clock struck down, the fans were able to see the actual outfits and were caught speechless.

The ensemble had a military yet athleisure vibe, and it kept all their eyes on the group. J-hope especially made headlines as fans were astounded by the outfit’s look on J-hope. These designs were made with the boys in mind, and we can see the friendship they formed pretty well as the designs seem to suit the boys like their second skin.    

BTS Gods

Worn like Mount Olympus residents, the boys looked ethereal and fierce at the same time. During the 2019 MMA show, the group adorned themselves with these outfits as they each took on the persona of ancient greek gods for their Dionysus performance.

Jin was portraying Athena as the goddess of wisdom, V portraying Apollo, the god of the Sun, Jungkook portraying Poseidon the God of Sea. Jimin was portraying Artemis the Goddess of Childbirth, Suga portraying Hephaestus the God of Fire, J-Hope portraying Zeus the God of Thunder, and finally, RM representing the God of Wine Dionysus Himself the ensemble helped the personas come out.

The outfits encompassed those victorian frills with statemental jackets allowing the performance to be godly in our eyes.

BTS at the Grammys

  1. Lil Nas X, BTS. Lil Nas X, the background centre, and members of BTS perform “Old Town Road” at the 62nd annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.
  2. 62nd Annual Grammy Awards – Show, Los Angeles, USA – January 26th 2020[/caption]

Ahh, the Grammys when the whole world sees if their favourite artists would stand a chance and win. And in every award show, there’s one more thing you look forward to, the outfits. And this particular one is the cherry on top.

These pieces worn by BTS during their 2020 performance at the Grammys stood out. An epic collaboration with the singer of ‘Old Town Road’, the outfits were worn by BTS was an ideal fit. They wanted to show the essence of the song. The members wore a mixture of costumes.

It was like a leisure – formal masterpiece. And I mean it, a little bit of Jungkook’s leather jacket and Jin’s black on a black suit, we had a masterpiece at hand. The outfit was set perfectly for the performance as the fans couldn’t take their eyes off the boys.

The Pied Piper

BTS made their song come to life as they proved to be true pied pipers by ensuring we could not keep our eyes off of them as they serenaded us. The outfits styled for this performance are the definition of sexy. It was so good that fans were in pure awe.

Especially the version of Pied Piper was epic dubbed by the fans as the best and most mesmerizing performance. The group wore different styles, some of the members rocking the silky smooth shirts and RM slaying an accent T-Shirt. Their lustrous and glossy choice of clothing did the song wonders.

As the pieces were sparkling, they looked like twinkling stars in the dark. The Show was altogether so amazing. But I guess fans can agree that that Pied Piper performance just hit differently. I mean, after all, it wasn’t dubbed as the best performance by BTS for nothing.

Smooth Like Butter


These pictures were just the icing on the cake that we needed. It was released during the pre-release and post-release of their new single Butter. And they yet again decided to leave the world speechless. They were known as a group for their stereotype-busting policy.

They did it again with these outfits. Who says skirts are only for girls? Because here is Jimin was looking killer in a dress. The teaser and concept photos were like a breath of fresh air for all the fans out there. It was very out of the box from the last concept the group had created. And this fresh concept left us gasping for air.

Styling new hair colours and stunning looks, the boys made us eager to single with the teasers. The fun colour scheme, funky boots, chains, suspenders, cuffs, and clothes threw us in a loop. The group made us think that we honestly were not ready for the single.

And yes, we weren’t, because Like the clothes, the song too was a step away from the same old same old, thrusting us into a new dynamic.

Edited by Urvashi Gupta


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