Inside Kylie’s 24th Birthday Bash

Birthdays are always a fun treat. And even more so, if you are the Ceo of a multimillion empire a.k.a ‘Kylie Cosmetics.’ The Influencer, reality TV star, CEO, and mommy Kylie Jenner is known for her extravagant birthdays.

But, this year’s celebration took the internet by Storm to celebrate her 24th birthday. This year she had a 24k themed party with all her close friends and families surrounding her.

This year was also significant because it was tied with the launch of her new 24k Birthday Kylie Cosmetics collection, the most anticipated line this season.

kylie jenner in her new makeup launch

On her birthday, the makeup mogul took to Instagram to post a picture flaunting her fitted dress by her go-to designer Namita Khade, who custom made it for Kylie’s Birthday bash. The dress was a knitted two-piece set with a vest top and midi skirt in a soothing Lime green shade. She captioned her post “Cheers to 24 🥂” showing off the stunning piece.

The party was attended by many of kylie’s closest family and friends. Including all her sisters, brother, mother, her on-again-off-again beau, and even close friends like Anastasia Karanikolaou and Victoria Villarroel. Insiders said that the Birthday girl wanted to keep the celebration quite tight knitted as she aimed to get fewer people to celebrate.

But being the organized CEO that she is, Kylie had a schedule prepared for the day. It all started with a breakfast buffet serving many of Kylie’s favorites like avocado toast, scrambled eggs, cinnamon toasts, glazed doughnuts, etc.

It was a splendid start to the day, and as the day, continued more of Kylie’s friends were seen dropping by with gifts and hanging out with her for some time. The breakfast played an ode to the theme as there were cupcakes with edible coins reading ’24k’ and other treats decorated with 24k edible gold paper. 

Kylie kept her guests entertained by holding a painting class for those who were interested. She even took to Instagram tagging the art instructor Timree Gold. The guests painted a beautiful coastal scenery based on the one in Positano, Italy. The makeup mogul posted sneak peeks of the creative session and some of the paintings made by the guests.

Towards the end of the day is when things picked up. All her family and friends joined Kylie for a sushi dinner. The day was filled with laughter, chatting, and cocktails for the sisters, with the candle-light dinner being the perfect finishing touch. Sources report that it was just the celebration kylie wanted.

It was an enchanting candle-lit sushi dinner as the Influencer’s house was heavily set up with twinkling lights on the trees, and many candles were placed on the ground. There were many near the pool where Kylie sat with her sisters and chilled. 

The reality TV star had many people Wish her on Instagram as she posted the highlights of the day. The birthday girl received many bouquets for her birthday, filling her house with lilies, roses, and other flowers. Millions of shutouts were given to the Influencer on her Instagram.

Her Baby daddy Travis Scott wished her posting “WAKE UP IT’S YOOOO BDAAYYYYYY.” Her sisters flooded the net with old pictures of the Birthday baby and filled it with many heartfelt words.

Edited by Urvashi Gupta

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