22 years old, Suhana Khan rocks navy blue crop top and side slit skirt, proving dark fashion can be playful too

Suhana Khan rocks navy blue crop top and side slit skirt, proving dark fashion can be playful too!

Suhana Khan, the stunning Gen-Z starlet and daughter of Bollywood icon Shah Rukh Khan, is gearing up for her big screen debut with the upcoming OTT release titled The Archies. Recently, she made a striking appearance, showcasing her distinct fashion sense. Suhana opted for a navy blue crop top paired with a side-slit skirt, demonstrating her apparent fondness for dark hues. Her fashion choices consistently reflect a bold and confident style, whether she’s attending a formal occasion in a striking co-ord ensemble or keeping it cool and relaxed in a sleek black bodycon dress.

Suhana Khan style fashion

Suhana Khan’s preference for dark colors has become a signature element of her fashion identity. Dark hues seem to be her go-to, and she effortlessly rocks them with a flair that exudes confidence and poise. Whether she’s making a red carpet appearance or sharing a casual look on social media, Suhana’s wardrobe choices consistently showcase her ability to carry dark colors with an unmatched sense of style.

The recent navy blue crop top and side-slit skirt ensemble is another example of how Suhana Khan knows how to make a fashion statement with dark shades. The choice of navy blue not only complements her skin tone but also adds a touch of sophistication to her overall look. Suhana’s fashion journey continues to captivate attention, setting her apart as a trendsetter in the world of Gen-Z style.

As she ventures into the world of acting with The Archies, Suhana Khan is not only making waves for her talent but also leaving a lasting impression with her impeccable fashion choices. Her knack for rocking dark colors like nobody else reinforces her status as a fashion icon in the making.

Suhana Khan recently stunned in a gorgeous navy blue co-ord outfit that showcased her impeccable fashion sense. The top of the ensemble was a genuine show-stopper, featuring two thin white stripes on the half sleeves, adding a touch of elegance. The adorable flap collar, another white stripe, created a delightful contrast with the rich navy blue fabric, elevating the overall sophistication of the piece. The button detailing on the front added a gorgeous touch, contributing to the overall design’s chic and refined aesthetic.

Pairing the top with a black short skirt, Suhana effortlessly combined style and sass. The skirt, complete with a side slit, added the perfect amount of flair to the ensemble, showcasing Suhana’s ability to balance sophistication with a touch of playfulness. The entire co-ord set, priced at Rs. 14,500, is from the renowned designers Shantanu and Nikhil, known for their contemporary yet timeless creations.

Suhana Khan in navy blue top with slit skirt

Suhana Khan’s choice of this navy blue co-ord outfit demonstrated her flair for selecting pieces that are not only on-trend but also exude a sense of luxury and elegance. The meticulous details and thoughtful contrasts in the ensemble showcased her eye for fashion and her ability to make a statement with her wardrobe choices. The collaboration with Shantanu and Nikhil further emphasized Suhana’s growing presence in the fashion landscape, positioning her as a style influencer in the making.

Let’s delve into the magnificent accessories that completed Suhana Khan’s captivating outfit, adding the perfect finishing touches to her look. One standout piece was a heavy golden bracelet adorning one wrist, providing a sense of beauty and class to her overall appearance. The bracelet was the ideal addition, seamlessly complementing the ensemble and contributing to the sophisticated vibe of the look.

But that’s not all—Suhana took her accessory game up a notch by completing her look with a pair of burgundy-colored heels boasting a glossy sheen. These stylish shoes not only introduced a vibrant splash of color to her ensemble but also projected confidence and glamour. The rich burgundy hue added a touch of sophistication, making the heels a statement piece that perfectly complemented the navy blue co-ord outfit. The price of these stunning heels? A noteworthy Rs. 6,888.

The flawless execution of Suhana Khan’s appearance can be credited to her excellent stylist, Poornamrita Singh. The thoughtful selection of accessories, from the golden bracelet to the chic burgundy heels, demonstrated a keen understanding of how to elevate an outfit with carefully chosen details. Suhana’s overall look was a harmonious blend of style and elegance, showcasing her as a fashion-forward personality to watch in the industry.

Suhana Khan in navy blue top with side slit skirt co-ord set

As Suhana Khan continues to make waves with her fashion choices, the collaboration with her stylist Poornamrita Singh is undoubtedly contributing to her emergence as a style icon in the Gen-Z realm. Each accessory and detail is meticulously curated, adding to the overall allure of her captivating ensembles.

Suhana Khan’s basic yet gorgeous makeup look, crafted by makeup artist Natasha Nischol, perfectly complemented her captivating ensemble. The makeup was basic yet immaculate, featuring a matte-finished base that highlighted Suhana’s inherent beauty. The choice of a matte finish added a touch of sophistication and contributed to the overall polished appearance.

One standout element of Suhana’s makeup was the eyeliner, expertly applied to complement her eyes flawlessly. The eyeliner provided a touch of drama and appeal, accentuating her gaze and adding a captivating dimension to the overall look. The precise application of eyeliner showcased Natasha Nischol’s skill in enhancing Suhana’s features while maintaining a balanced and elegant aesthetic.

Suhana Khan in navy blue top with skirt ensemble

To complete the makeup, Suhana opted for a nude-colored lipstick. The choice of nude added a modest and exquisite touch to her lips, ensuring that the focus remained on the overall elegance of the ensemble. The muted lip color harmonized with the sophistication of her outfit and accessories, creating a cohesive and well-balanced makeup look.

Suhana Khan’s makeup for this appearance reflected a keen understanding of how to enhance natural beauty without overshadowing the outfit. The collaboration with Natasha Nischol resulted in a makeup look that was both timeless and contemporary, aligning perfectly with Suhana’s evolving style. As she steps into the limelight with her big screen debut, Suhana’s makeup choices continue to contribute to her image as a fashion-forward and poised personality in the industry.

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