Top 6 Struggles An Indian BTS Fan Faces

Whenever people ask me if I’m an ARMY, my answer is an excited yes. And immediately after this question, I and the person who questioned me dive into a series of more questions that eventually lead us in becoming friends.

You see, the world of an ARMY is quite an experience. Whether it be the music, the love, the sincerity, or the idols themselves, there’s always something intriguing happening in this fandom.

As much as we love talking about and relating to the things we love, surprisingly, we also correlate to some common difficulties we face as ARMY. And in particular as International ARMY or as K-ARMY’s or Korean ARMY’s call us International Lovelies.

Being an International Lovely is difficult because even though we break through the language barrier. There are hurdles such as not being able to see them that often, etc. But, there are some extra struggles we face as Desimys, or as they call it Indian ARMY.

Being an Indian ARMY comes with its own set of problems, and recently much more so. This doesn’t apply to all the Desi ARMY’s out there but, for the ones who do relate, I’ve decided to jump on here and hopefully remind you that you aren’t alone with these struggles. So without further ado, I present to you –

Struggles Every Indian BTS fan goes through:

  1. The common “Are they guys or girls?”

    Well, I get it guys even I go through this daily. I swear if all ARMY got a dime every time they heard this, we would all be millionaires. I mean, is it our fault that they have perfectly smooth or porcelain skin. They are boys, and anyone looking at them would be able to identify that. And This just proves that the comment could be for two things jealousy or solely meant to irritate you. So the next time someone tells you this comment, remember to listen from one ear and throw it out of the other.indian

  2. The criticism

    ARMY’s always heard stuff about BTS, but what hurt’s the most is when someone spontaneously starts to bash them. And this doesn’t just include the “are they girls or guys?” comment, But every statement they make on the septet’s songs, clothes, language, looks, etc. And the funny thing is they do it for the fun of it. And during those moments, I know how angry you must feel. But, remember to stay calm, and ignore them, haters. I mean, we have perfect role models to follow when it comes to ignoring the haters right?

  3. “Merch just isn’t for us”

    I can say with an intense certainty that this one would be the ultimate point of relation for every desi ARMY out there. Because I can almost seem to never find any official merch for below 2000 rupees, which is something not a lot of us can shell out immediately. But, still, does that stop us from showing our love and using our creative minds to make DIY merch. I don’t think so.

  4. The similar dream of attending a concert

    Luckily this dream looks like it’ll come true soon. So fingers crossed. But, this is another struggle we all went through before we found out the recent news about BTS’s involvement with India.

    We all dreamed of a day when the septet themselves would and could come to us, and if not, when we could go to South Korea to attend one of their concerts. These thoughts not only put pressure on our minds but also our wallets. As we sat to plan the budget for a far-off trip.
  5. Constantly dreaming about going to Korea

    Now, this is more of a bittersweet struggle that we all go through as fellow ARMY’s. The dream of going to South Korea and meeting the boys as well as experiencing the culture they so proudly talk about is something we all dream about, and very actively at that.

    K-culture is something that they introduced to us. That made it almost impossible for us to expand our desires. What originally was a plan to meet the septet soon had an itinerary of experiencing the culture at its fullest.

  6. No one can tolerate your obsession

    Well, this is true unless the one you’re talking to is a Fellow ARMY or a close friend. This is something that hit’s close to home because it’s something not only we go through with friends, but also family.

Unless you have a family, who you’ve managed to convert into fellow ARMY’s, Well, then I envy you. Whenever we start talking about the one thing we love, they ask us to stop, which at times is kind of frustrating. But, does that stop us?. No way, so next time you want to talk about BTS, go ahead, do you, be you.


Edited by Anupama Roy

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