Blackpink: 8 Interesting Facts

Blackpink in your area is the line that immediately makes way for the queens Blackpink themselves. A quartet South Korean girl group that debuted in August 2016. The group consists of members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. The group, crowned as the biggest girl group in South Korea, debuted under YG Entertainment, home to other famous idol groups such as Big Bang, Winner, Treasure, etc. With their bold yet mesmerizing concepts and message, the group quickly gained popularity and fans (a.k.a Blinks) both nationally and internationally. And considering their fame, I am sure people would be interested in getting to know these girls.

Here are eight interesting facts about Blackpink:

1. The groups original was supposed to be ‘PinkPunk’

Thank god it changed to its current glory Blackpink. The name is supposed to show that coexistence is possible that pink can coexist with black. It was also denoting their personality’s which was like Black – Fierce and Powerful and Pink- sweet and elegant. They wanted to show that the group was both fierce and feminine at the same time.


2. The group was initially supposed to consist of nine members.

YG Entertainment originally wanted to have nine members in the girl group they envisioned, and they even had a name for it. They called it ‘Aphrodite9’. But, unfortunately, 5 of the members left, leaving only Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa, thus bringing about Blackpink.

3. They are the first Girl group to be invited to the famous ‘Coachella.’

Not only did they perform at the festival, but they were also the First South Korean girl group to headline the festival. The group performed at the 2019 Coachella festival. They performed their hits DDU-DU DDU –DU, Forever young, Stay(Remix Version), Whistle, ‘Kiss and Make up’, Solo(Jennie Solo), Kill this Love, Don’t Know What to do, Kick it, See U later and Playing with Fire. They even met other artists like Harry Styles, Willow, Jaden, and Will Smith, etc. This performance was a significant accomplishment for Blinks and a proud moment for them.

4. More than half the members have not lived all their life in Korea.

They are known as a group having other ethnic members. The group is quite vibrant with culture. Lalisa Manoban, otherwise known as Lisa, hails from Thailand and has lived her entire life in Thailand before becoming a trainee. Roseanne Park, a.k.a Rosé, is a Korean-Australian, born in New Zealand living most of her life in Australia before becoming a trainee. Jennie Kim, known as Jennie, was born in Korea but did her schooling until the age of 14 in New Zealand before returning to Korea to become a trainee.

5. They have their own Netflix Documentary.

Yes, not only that, but the group is also the first K-pop documentary on Netflix. Blackpink: Light Up the Sky shows an unknown insight into the lives of the girl group sensations. In the documentary, the girls talk about their childhood memories, hobbies, struggles, good memories, bad memories, and even how they became trainees. The documentary is a fantastic watch for all the baby Blinks out there. It’s also suitable for someone who’s just getting started. You can check it out on Netflix.

6. They are very passionate about climate change.

Blackpink is at a point that almost everyone knows them or at least has heard of them now. Considering the platform they have, it’s good to see the girls using it quite well. The group is quite outspoken about climate change and urges its fans to gain more awareness on the topic. This year Blackpink became Ambassadors for the UN Climate Change Conference set to be held in November. The group is well praised for its motive in advocating for Climate change. Since the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) declared a code red for humanity this week, people are becoming more aware.

7. They are the queens of Fashion.

They are known as a group with breathtaking style and Fashion. The members are the face of Haute couture, each member representing and becoming the brand ambassador of different brands. We have Rosé representing Yves Saint Laurent, Lisa representing Celine, Jennie representing Chanel, and Jisoo representing Dior. With all these brands in their bag, no wonder the girls are called the queens of Fashion.

8. Every member in the group is multilingual.

Known as a group with immense culture, it does not shock us that every member is multilingual. That is all the members can speaker more than one language. The group is very active in engaging with fans or blink; I think that the language helps. Rosé, who grew up in New Zealand and Australia, and Jennie, who grew up in New Zealand, are fluent in English, Korean, and Japanese. Following them is Lisa, who grew up in Thailand and is fluent in Thai, English, Korean, and Japanese. Lastly, we have Jisoo, who grew up in Korea and is fluent in her mother tongue, Korean, as well as Mandarin.

Edited by Prakriti Arora

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