Top 5 Popular TikTok Dances To Learn: Love Nwantiti, Woman, And More

Tiktok is such a phenomenon these days. No matter what goes on in anyone’s life, they’ve got to get their daily dose of Tiktok content. In a generation that basically lives off of Tiktok, it’s not surprising how quickly things trend. I mean, almost anything can become viral these days. Whether it be a nail tech showing her clients nails or Charlie D’Amelio dancing to the newest beats, almost anything becomes viral. The queen bee of these viral videos is the Tiktok Dances.

Now for those of you who don’t know what that is, let me explain. When songs become popular on TikTok. It’s usually because of creators who create short choreographies or dances to match a snippet of the song, which is then learned and covered by millions of others on the platform. And this is how songs become viral and fall under the locally known category as Tiktok songs.

Generally, most of these TikTok dances are easy to learn, whereas some are a little difficult. But, hey, nothing is impossible unless you try it. Another thing that attracts people to Tiktok dances is the vibe they have to them. Curious to try it, aren’t you? Well, I’ll try to lessen the burden of going through Youtube compilations and help you out. 

The Top 5 Tiktok dances to learn are:

  1. Woman – Doja Cattiktok dances

    By the queen of TikTok herself, this song is another addition to her TikTok hall of fame. The singer-rapper has made quite a name of Tiktok, with previous hits like Say So, Candy, Yuh, etc. This choreography was created by Tracy Joseph, who is known for her style and dances. This piece is relatively easy to learn, provided you pay attention.

  2. Love Nwanititi – CKay

    This piece is recently making headlines as well as making its way into other platforms such as Youtube Shorts and Instagram Reels. This song first started becoming viral after a video of TikToker Avesmoves dancing to the track went online. The moves were so smooth that some claim he was the original creator. Now, if you want to learn this dance, I suggest you take it step-by-step.

  3. Don’t Start Now – Dua Lipa

    Perfect for beginners, this song is not only popular in the mainstream channels. But also equally popular on the TikTok platform. The dance was choreographed by a teenager named Hannah Kaye Balanay. And now, has over 4 million covers of it. Talk about a strong community right?

  4. Savage – Megan Thee Stallion

    Now, everyone who loves TikTok will vouch for me when I say this. Everyone literally everyone has been through an I’m a Savage phase. During this phase, it was always about who could do the best throwback. And we have Keara Wilson, aka @keke.janajah, to thank for creating the dance. It went so viral that even Queen Beyoncé jumped with Megan on the track for a remix. This song is a must-try for all y’all out there. It’s time to unleash the inner savage.

  5. Say So – Doja Cat

    Another track that landed Doja Cat onto the TikTok Hall of fame was her song Say So. It was the perfect dance to do when you were bored, with your friends, etc. You could even do it now. The song is really fun, and if you want to give it a go for the first time, I would recommend it. The choreography for this piece was created by @yodelinghaley, aka Haley Sharpe. The dance gained so many covers crossing over 15 million. It even gained her an invite to star in Doja Cat’s Say So music video.


Edited by Anupama Roy

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