Why It’s Important To Do An Instagram Detox?

Is it possible to do an Instagram detox?

I know the minute you clicked on this Instagram detox article, millions of thoughts would’ve been running in your head. But most of the questions would begin with the ‘how’ question tag. Well, the answer is simple – just do it. Try deleting the Instagram app or muting it for a short period. But it’s easier said than done.

The minute you decide and stick to your words, you either procrastinate or just give up before trying. And this just shows one thing – the amount you depend on Instagram and other social platforms in your lives. You rely on them so much that it becomes intoxicating to the point you don’t realize that you’re trying to battle a huge addiction.

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What started as a means to get in and stay in touch with your loved ones turned into a monster you pleaded to for its validation. What began as a simple way to show your friends what you’re up to, became an intense and almost hunger game-like competition to see who’s the best. This was when the community started becoming toxic.

A world that fought so much for equality and inclusion sees no improvement in social media platforms. Maybe the former is seeing better lights these days but, the latter is still cast in a dark shadow. These days you look up to social media platforms so much that it’s almost impossible to do anything without them. You might think the word ‘Addiction’ is an exaggeration but, it isn’t.

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There’s nothing wrong with wanting to post and share what you’re doing. But, the problem arises when your social status or platforms start to influence everything you do – affect your lifestyle, purchasing choices, and, most importantly, confidence. You generally don’t like admitting this but, the fact is that you let social media platforms like Instagram affect your spirit, which is usually not in a benefitting light. I’m pretty sure more than 50% of women out there might feel equally disempowered as empowered when they look at their feed.

A majority of posts on Instagram show you an image that, frankly, most of us aren’t. So by looking at these so-called ideals, you realize how odd it is that you don’t fit the mold. That is when your confidence takes a hit. I guess no one ever told you that along with Instagram comes millions of emotions anxiety, rage, hate, sadness, happiness. I mean, it would’ve been nice to add a warning label, don’t you think? Unless we break this cycle of constant comparison on Instagram, I don’t think we will get the confidence we want.

This love-hate relationship with social media platforms like Instagram often affects your relationships too. It makes you moody and unresponsive. It almost makes you detached from the entire world with each double-tap. You become so obsessed with maintaining an image that you become somewhat jaded or blinded. Back then, people used FOMO (Fear of missing out) on hanging out and having fun but, these days, you FOMO on your favorite celebrity posts or on showing the world that you are living the best life.

Luckily these days, people are quitting this toxic cycle by posting their life sans filter-making; you think, “So this is what Instagram was truly meant for huh?”. These people don’t glorify life; they just show it as it is. Seeing these people makes you realize that you don’t need to feel the pressure to fit the mold or maintain an image. It helps you be you and only you.

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Doing a detox makes you realize your worth. It makes you see yourself for all that you are. It makes you own up to your flaws and makes you understand that you shouldn’t change yourself just to fit a mold. Being disconnected allows being you in your space. It lets you explore and figure out new hobbies or talents. When you detox, you are in a corridor full of doors of opportunities. You’ll be pretty surprised at how being disconnected makes you even more connected. That sounds good, right? But, it isn’t possible unless you accept that you have a problem with the way Instagram dictates your life.

So, let me help you. Close your eyes. And think about all those moments when you looked at your feed and felt sad down to your gut. Now use those feelings to take a stand. Come on, give it a try. Going on a detox does not necessarily mean that you’re running from your problems. It means that you’re strong enough to fight for yourself. So what you are waiting for? Make your way to regain your crown of confidence and be you.

Edited by Prakriti Arora

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