Top 10 Intelligent & Smartest Robots In The World

Scientists have made many robots that look just like humans; They act like humans, which humans find tedious. Have you ever noticed that the way you watch videos or do searching on different platforms? It shows us the things we want to see. The computer does not have a brain, but still, it provides us the same thinking as us humans what we want to see or read. When the world’s first computer was made in 1943, the scientist dreamed That we should create an artificial intelligence just like humans. Who can equip us with a synthetic body and make a robot like humans, who can talk just like us, walk like us, that’s? 


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Sophia robot is considered the best robot in the world because it is an interactive robot that can talk to you, solve your doubts, and even define 62 facial expressions in front of this robot. It is made by the Hong Kong media Hansen Robot and is quite famous. Sofia accepted an interview with a popular news channel, and her answer was perfect. She uses artificial intelligence to speak, answer questions like a human, and broadcast humorous anecdotes. The Saudi Arabian government has granted him citizenship. This robot is an example and is known as one of the most advanced robots in the world.


ASIMO : 5 Steps (with Pictures) - InstructablesAsimo is considered to be the most potent humanoid creature in the world. This may be the world’s first powerful humanoid robot. You can use it to process commands. We have seen humanoid robots in many Hollywood movies, and the Asimo robot is a good example. This robot made by Honda is 4 feet tall and weighs 54 kilograms. Asimo speaks three languages: Japanese, Chinese, and English. The Japanese government is working hard and has spent a lot of money on this robot. They are designed to incorporate government values.


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Have you seen the Hollywood Star Wars movie? Then you will remember Robo BB8. This is the rolling robot used in the Star Wars movies. This is a robot that we can easily use at home. When we are away, these LG robots can take care of our home. With the help of this robot, we can understand whether everything is normal in our home, which means it is beneficial.


Pour one out for Pepper, the world's first humanoid robot, now  'discontinued' | TechRadarAldebaran Robotics developed a peeper in 2014. You can call it a happy robot because it was created to please people. The unique thing about this robot is that it can easily read the charming expressions on people’s faces. Many people think this robot is outdated, but the organization claims that it is still an advanced robot, and the chips it contains are very modern. The price is around 2,000 euros.


Robots Ready for Their Next Assignment | Boston Dynamics | Foundry  Management & TechnologySpot Robo is a robot animal named Tog Robo developed by Google. It uses four legs to move and can work at home or outside. Its uniqueness is that it can walk on uneven surfaces and find its way quickly. It is not clear whether this robot can be raised with animals. When Robo stayed with the dog, he kept barking at the crime scene. From this perspective, there seems to be a lot of work to be done.


Robotic Hand can Handle Eggs, cut Paper with Scissors | Robotics ResearchDeca-robots are regarded as role models in technology and robotics because they enable people to live. Deca robots are part of robotics technology and provide Deca prostheses for those who have lost arms or legs since childhood or have lost arms or legs due to illness. Deca is designed by an American company, so you won’t realize that you don’t have arms or legs. It helps organizations and is a fantastic invention in the field of prosthetics. 


What makes this snake-like robot so special?Snake Robot is a very modern robot. Robo’s snake is called Ilum, and it can reach corners of the ocean that neither people nor objects can reach. They are used for submarine or submarine maintenance. This robot was built by Novogen Research Center and can draw any mechanical design in the water.


Robot Spider 3D ModelThis robot can be deformed in various ways. This is a very flexible robot that looks like a real spider. With this robot, you can scare anyone, and you will run away, so this is one of the hunting robots.


BionicKangaroo | Festo CorporateThis robot is named Kangaroo because it is similar to the original movement mechanism of a rake kangaroo. Each jump consumes energy. The kangaroo robot weighs about 7 kg and can be adjusted in the height of 80 cm and 40 cm in one jump. Kangaroo is often worn out because it cannot convert energy, but it is a robot. The bionic kangaroo converts energy every time it jumps and helps it jump for the second time.


eMotionButterflies | Festo CorporateThe Butterfly Robot looks like a real butterfly, and it isn’t easy to distinguish it from other robots. The robot weighs only 32 grams and is charged by a battery. Robo Butterfly can fly for at least 4 hours after charging for 15 minutes. These signals can be sent to a central computer, which knows what is happening there. It is the smallest and lightest robot in the world.

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