Bollywood celebrities that have faced domestic violence in relationships

1. Preity Zinta: In 2014, the Bollywood actress Preity Zinta filed a criminal complaint against her then-boyfriend and businessman Ness Wadia. The FIR mentioned that the businessmen alleged offenses such as insult and annoyance, criminal intimidation, and violations affecting the human body. Everything looked perfect until 2008. A few months later, the couple announced a breakup. In 2014, She made a public announcement regarding her domestic violence, where she got threatened for spoiling her public image as her boyfriend was powerful enough.

2 Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: The most beautiful and our very own Miss World, Aishwarya Rai, had an affair with her co-star Salman Khan. Their break up story hit the media like a Big Storm. People were amazed and curious to know what happened between the two most good-looking actors. The parents of the actress filed a police complaint against Salman Khan for threatening, stalking, and trying to enter their daughter’s house forcefully. Later issued or was found stating that She had to endure Salman’s habit of alcohol, and in the end, she received his abuses and infidelity. Salman Khan indirectly confessed to Aishwarya that he was cheating on her, which is why they broke up. Later, Salman said that if he hit a woman, she wouldn’t have survived; it’s not true that he could even shoot a woman. On this, the former Miss World said that let people say whatever they want, but every people connected to this scenario knows the truth, and God is the witness. She also mentioned that Salman’s chapter is a nightmare of a life.

3. Zeenat Aman: A successful actress, former Beauty queen, and model Zeenat Aman’s relationship with already married Sanjay Khan ended on a horrible note in the 90s.Reportedly it was printed in the newspaper that Zeenat was brutally beaten up by Sanjay in front of his wife in the Hotel Taj. Zeenat also got a permanent mark on a night that was trashed by Sanjoy. After this incident, the actress went into depression and was found injected with antidepressants thrice a day. According to a doctor, Zeenat was in a horrible state. Her face and eyes were covered with truces. There were blood clots in her lips and eyes, which were severely cut.

4. Kangana Ranaut The Queen of Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut, made a statement about confessing her abusive relationship with Aditya Pancholi. In her early times of a career, during an interview, she made In a message to a media portal, Where she revealed the details of how she was physically abused in the relationship with Aditya Pancholi. She also mentioned that it was a very rough and challenging time for her. She felt trapped. Aditya Pancholi was his father’s age when she was 17. She bled terribly when he used to hit him. She took off her sandal, Hit his head hard. Therefore he started bleeding too.

5. Pooja Bhatt: The daughter of famous producer-director Mahesh Bhatt was a victim of domestic violence. She was in a relationship with Ranvir Shorey; she had been dating him for a brief period of time. It was said that Ranbir had physically tortured Puja and wanted her lips very often. Later, The couple announced their split after this case.

6. Pratyusha Banerjee: Late Pratyusha Banerjee changed into in an abusive courting earlier than dating Rahul Raj Singh. Though there has been a case towards Rahul as well, the overdue actress filed a police criticism towards her boyfriend, Makrand Malhotra. She accused him of verbal abuse and demise threats.

7. Sonal Chauhan: Sonal Chauhan is an Indian-style version, singer, and actress who predominantly works in Telugu and Hindi Cinema.She has received beauty contests and made her debut as an actress in the movie Jannat. She became slapped by means of her boyfriend Sahil Zaroo at the Mumbai airport.

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