Top 10 Women Empowerment Movies


Movies not only entertain us but also inspire us in many ways. The films about women empowerment are loved worldwide by everyone and especially by women because it makes them feel powerful, inspired, and hopeful about everything in life. Stories about everyday rebellions, victorious wins, incredible invention, unbreakable friendships, and beautiful motherhood depict how wonderfully cinema celebrates and empowers women around the globe.

Women write books about women and for women; movies directed by women; podcasts made by women; and art created by women making them a set of incredibly talented human beings on this planet.

Cinema has been a little behind in portraying women as inspiring and powerful human beings. It had stereotyped women in the early years of cinema as a housewife or mother. With time, changes took place in cinema, and when women started to write scripts for movies, the portrayal of women truly changed from being just cliché characters to inspiring and unforgettable characters.

Here are the top 10 women empowerment movies with unforgettable, incredible, and powerful women front and centre. From new movies with women smashing toxic culture to old classic feminist movies, nobody can afford to miss these top 10 women empowerment movies. These are the movies that make a woman feel proud of being a woman!


Disney has never ceased to win the hearts of people across the world when it comes to making lovely and inspiring movies. Moana is titled as one of the most loved feminist movies of Disney in the year 2016. In this movie, no prince charming is there to save the princess but herself. Moana, the protagonist of the movie doesn’t need a knight in shining armour to rescue her. She is strong and incredibly courageous. She is the chief’s daughter of the island and it becomes her utmost responsibility to save the island, by crossing the ocean. Moana is supported and raised by inspiring and powerful women who have always encouraged her to follow her heart. This Disney movie is not a fairy-tale romance but certainly, has a happy ending of its own. By the end of the movie, Moana realizes her potential and gives out the message of believing and living up to one’s potential.  


This movie is an adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s novel of the same name. A book written about women and a movie directed by a woman is just a treat for the cinema. Greta Gerwig is a fantastic director, and she did a brilliant job in portraying the story beautifully with a strong set of actors. The movie is about 4 sisters with different perspectives and ideals in life but what the audience loved the most was the feminist attitude, which makes them unforgettable. The movie is incredible with an ambiguous ending of March sisters wielding power in their different ways. 


A classic feminist movie about two women on a road trip running away from toxic relationships and found an unbreakable friendship between them. It was released almost 30 years ago. This movie describes sisterhood in a perfect blend of love, humor, compassion, and feminism. Thelma and Louise have been favorites for many people across the world because of their feel-good vibes and women empowerment theme.


A movie that was an ultimatum in breaking the stereotypical views of people about blonde women as dumb or stupid. Starring Reese Witherspoon as the main protagonist of the movie portraying strong and lovely blonde women studying law at Harvard University. She proved that a woman can get whatever she wants and she will prove those wrong who tries to stop her from achieving her dreams. This movie is a classic for good reasons and nobody should miss it!


An extremely beautiful movie about all the phases a woman goes through~ girlhood, womanhood, and motherhood. Roma is a domestic drama movie about a maid and a middle-class family in Mexico, but her work was never appreciated much, which is one of the major themes of the movie. Roma inspires people to be empathetic and compassionate in life and empowers women to achieve things in life.


Based on the novel of the same title by Alice Walker, The Color Purple is a powerful movie for everyone to watch and get inspired. The plot of the movie is about a woman who has suffered and tolerated abuse for decades and finally breaks down her wall to put a stop.


The name of the movie is self-explanatory itself. The first female superhero movie in a long time, Wonder Woman has been extremely popular with some high expectations from the audience across the world. Gal Gadot as the main protagonist, rocked her character with brilliant acting skills. Wonder Woman hails from an all-woman island and takes London by storm in the year 1910 by breaking from the patriarch society prohibitions. This movie stands true to its name and has inspired millions of young girls around the world to have an incredible female superhero as their role model and favorite character.


One of the most women empowering movies of all time is Bend it Like Beckham, which inspires women to question the inequality, gender roles, and stereotypical opinions about women joining the field of sports.


This Bollywood movie is a big message to all those women who suffer from domestic violence and doesn’t stand up for themselves. Thappad is a powerful movie against patriarch where the woman files for a divorce when her husband slaps her at a party in front of everybody. Thappad is an incredibly empowering social drama and portrays how not only men but also women idealize toxic patriarchy.


One of the most iconic movies of all time with outstanding female protagonists namely, Meryl Steep and Anne Hathaway. The Devils wear Prada brilliantly portrays the trial of women who are career-oriented and ambitious. It is an important movie that presents the double-stand and gender inequality when it comes to women in the professional world.

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