Deepika Padukone’s Instagram left everyone confused

At the beginning of 2021, Bollywood Actress Deepika Padukone left everyone confused and worried by deleting her posts on Instagram and Twitter. This was the very moment when all her fans were expecting her to post a New Year wish. After being called by NCB (Narcotics Control Bureau) regarding the Bollywood drug racket case, there wasn’t any significant activity on Deepika Padukone’s social media handles. Thus, the sudden removal of the posts got all her fans building up different stories around her disappearing posts. The stories included that her account might have been hacked, or she is deleting her posts because there might be some big announcement from her end.

deepika padukone instagramHowever, DeePee had something else in her mind, which led to all the fuss about the deleted Instagram posts. After deleting all her posts, the actor was seen to be uploading an audio message. In that message, she wished all her fans good health and peace in 2021. She also said that 2020 was a year of uncertainty, but it was also about gratitude for her. The Audio story quite suggested that Deepika Padukone is looking forward to a new beginning with the onset of 2021, and she is trying to mark a fresh start. Maybe 2020 wasn’t a good year, filled with uncertainties and bad news throughout the year, but 2021 has brought new possibilities and optimistic hopes.

But Deepika is not the first celebrity who has deleted all social media posts for a fresh start. Quite a few Hollywood stars have done this in the past. As they suggest, this action marks a fresh and new beginning with the onset of the year, leaving all the contemplations from previous years behind.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s Instagram:

NCB arrests Sushant Singh Rajput's flatmate from Hyderabad in drug case |  The News Minute

In 2020 Bollywood lost one of its gems when actor Sushant Singh Rajput was found hanging in his Bandra apartment. Deepika Padukone is not the first actor from Bollywood who has deleted all her Instagram posts. Sushant Singh Rajput was also deleting all his posts from Instagram when his movie “Sonchiriya” did terribly at the box office. It was then, at that point, quite visible that the actor is going through difficult times.

Zayn Malik’s Instagram:

Back in 2018, famous singer, Zayn Malik had deleted his Instagram post. The reason behind this was his breakup with girlfriend Gigi Hadid. As claimed by the singer, he deleted his posts to start 2018 fresh after the breakup. Though they both are now together, building their own family. Thus, deleting posts marks a fresh start. Later it was rumored that it was a legitimate social media strategy for his new album, which was soon released. It helped in rebranding his image.

Pete Davidson:

The American comedian, writer, and producer removed all his posts from Instagram after he engaged with Ariana Grande. The star acclaimed that social media is not a pleasant place to be as it spreads many negativities. He said that Instagram is an evil place to be, and he is unlikely to stay online open to everybody.

Miley Cyrus:

Superstar Miley Cyrus was seen deleting all her posts in 2018. As reported by her, she wanted a break from everything after breaking up with her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth. Taking some time off from the social world helped her to spend some time with herself and move on in life. Firstly, she deleted all pictures of her with Liam, leaving her fans in a questionable state of mind.

Blake Lively:

American actress Blake Lively removed all her posts from Instagram as a publicity stunt for promoting her movie. This also happened in 2018 when she was about to release her film “A Simple Favour.” A proper social media strategy for rebranding and publicizing her new release, gaining a lot of public attention.

Taylor Swift:

Taylor Swift Drops Alternate Version of “The Lakes” for 'Folklore'  Anniversary – The Hollywood Reporter

In 2017 superstar Taylor Swift took some time off her social media handles, leaving all her fans shocked. She was also seen deleting all her posts, the reason for which is still not mentioned by her. Taylor Swift chose not to talk about the reason behind her sudden social media activities. It was rumored that Taylor had deleted posts from all social media accounts due to the release of her new album.

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