AI-Oriented Advanced SEO That Is Revolutionizing The World Of SEO

A successful SEO strategy is more difficult to create, implement, and refine than ever. The days of sporadic marketing initiatives and blogging landing you on the first page of Google search results are over.

SEO has become a sophisticated approach with many moving elements that must work together to provide a consistent brand experience. Brands must also optimize for new features like voice search and highlighted snippets while adhering to all technical criteria.

Furthermore, authority and credibility are becoming increasingly important in search performance, implying that you should incorporate reputation management into your SEO strategy.

ThatWare learns about your company’s goals, brand identity, market, and competitive landscape and then develops a tailored plan to bring you there.

Revolutionizing The SEO Process With ThatWare’s AI

Mr. Tuhin Banik founded ThatWare with the singular goal of combining SEO with artificial intelligence, which might be the future of digital marketing. To realize their distinct vision, they began by developing algorithms that would help monitor and navigate changes in Google algorithms. Keeping this in mind, ThatWare created a staggering 83 distinct AI-oriented SEO algorithms, which would improve the effectiveness and precision of traditional SEO techniques.

This “intelligent coaching” from their AI algorithms helps them provide game-changing outcomes for several campaigns, including Heavyglare, Incrediwear, Unigo, GradSchools, and others.

What Makes Us Unique

Our search optimization artificial intelligence effectively assesses the critical link between websites, content pages, and search engine rankings to design smart methods. As a result, we devise quick, actionable, and automated techniques for outperforming the competition. A preview is shown below-

  • Finding New Opportunities – Choosing the most relevant topics to address with site content is both a science and an art. AI SEO is more accurate and faster when it comes to discovering popular domain topics and measuring competitive gaps.


  • Conversion Optimization – You are well aware that not all traffic is beneficial; only the right one’s result in conversions, whether your goal is to sell a product or gather an email address from the visitor. AI-powered on-page optimization speeds up the achievement of true organizational goals.


  • Content Refreshment – This is highly common after material release because most organizations do nothing with old content. The maturity of a page, on the other hand, enhances its search ranking, advanced optimization updates, and fresh connections offered by AI. AI leverages mature content’s link equity to enhance new sites and help them rank quicker.


  • Automation – While researching AI trends and the future, we recognized that introducing automation into our search optimization approach was unavoidable. So we got started right away!

Why You Should Be Concerned

An effective SEO strategy is more challenging than ever to develop, implement, and modify. The days of intermittent marketing campaigns and blogging placing you on Google’s top page are passed.

SEO has evolved into a complicated strategy with several moving parts that must work together to offer a consistent brand experience. While adhering to all technical parameters, brands must also optimize for new features like voice search and highlighted snippets.

Furthermore, characteristics like authority and credibility are becoming increasingly significant in search performance, meaning that you should include reputation management in your SEO strategy.

ThatWare researches your company’s goals, brand identity, market, and competitive landscape before developing a customized plan to get you there. Unlike other SEO agencies, ThatWare develops personalized reports based on your company’s most relevant KPIs.

In addition, we constantly give precise information, with regular updates on keyword performance, user behavior, rankings, and website performance. We will keep you updated on the status of your website and the efforts we are making to improve performance.

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