Short Films That Raise Voice Against Women Issues

Women and the issues against them have been on the increase in recent years. A land where people pray goddesses is the land with the highest crime rate amongst women.

Bollywood has always been an inspiring and changing factor in society. The short film culture appeared in India in 1890 and since then has constantly shown growth and escalation in the International domains. 

Many directors and producers have shifted their focuses onto short films with meaning and appreciable preaching. 

Here are a few short films that raised voices against women’s issues and were burdened under societal prejudices. They are available for online streaming on YouTube.



It is an 11-minute short film where Beyoncé talks about ideas of love, age, stardom, parenting, and feminism. It is a personal monologue shot in a black and white frame where she speaks of the body image she had to maintain for her social life.

It has clips from throughout Beyoncé’s career and features from her husband, Jay Z, and daughter, Blue Ivy.


Devi is an Indian Hindi- language suspense short- film directed by Priyanka Banerjee. It depicts nine women featuring Kajol and Shruti Hassan in their first digital movie. They are from various strata of society forced into staying together because of their familiar stories of abuse.

The film raises the question of women’s security in our minds and the wrongdoings that women have to pay for. It also shows the harsh brutality that young girls are also going through by sexual harassment and rape.


Again, an Indian short film talks of the misogyny and patriarchal issues Indian wives face in society. It is a 14- minute short film that is a profound insight that a woman meets once in her lifetime, where she realizes that her role is more than just being a wife and a mother.

The essence of rebellion alone in a woman is not essential for her enlightening, but her confidence and realization are.


It is a 12 -minute short film based on a trans woman who takes a stand for herself when no one else believed in her, and her father is revealed about the truth of her sexuality. It shows the norms of the society of seeing a girl as delicate and beautiful and accepting her only like that rather than letting them believe in what they truly want.

The film focuses on the dark shades that trans society faces in our country. It enlightens us to stand for ourselves and own our truth.


This short film is an ode to motherhood. The narration is from the point of view of a daughter who sees her mother sacrifice and compromises over issues in a family or the society. The daughter tries to rebuke her mother for the unhappy marriage that she is into.

The best part about the film is that despite the sad aspects of her life, the mother always that everything is fine with a smile.

Edited by Urvashi Gupta

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