DFS Services Have Launched Its Amazing Security Products For Smart Home Monitoring

Sub-Heading- The Security Grid by DFS is a comprehensive home security solution that will guard your home with a 24X7 monitored alarm system. Know about the selective facts about the brand!

One of the most acknowledged security device manufacturers and security service providers, DFS has introduced its exclusive Security products and smart monitoring systems for both domestic and commercial use. The company has leveraged the ultimate compensation of advanced technology and AI features in creating the most efficient monitoring systems. The product line by this company includes a series of security devices and monitoring systems for assorted uses. 

Industry experts are profoundly honouring the products for great usability and exceptional features. An independent critic Andrew Waters of Electronics Weekly has put it ‘DFS Services got their security solution right like no other in the subcontinent they are operating in. Solutions are consumer-oriented and feature-packed‘. 

Security Grid ™: The brand has also laid great emphasis on the vital concept of home monitoring alarm security in India. The DFS Monitored Alarm Systems have embraced high-quality features such as Heartbeat Signals, GPRS/TCP-IP, Wireless Range, Regular Remote Testing, Home Automation, battery backup and M2M sim card and many more. The products of Security Grid ™ are- Door Sensor, Outdoor Siren, Smoke and Heat Sensor, Motion Curtain Sensor, Control Hub, Remote Key, Outdoor Motion Sensor, Smart Plug, Key Pad, Wall Switch, Motion Sensor, Glass Break Sensor, Panic Button and Indoor Siren. The products are compatible with various programming frameworks such as Ajax and Classic.

DFS solutions introduced the revolutionary feature of polling signals where an integrated hub constantly monitors the sensors and immediately sends reports to the central station. The vital information gets transmitted when the sensor is triggered and the hub receives turn alerts within milliseconds. Another innovative feature of DFS Security Grid ™ products is Heartbeat signals. These are an intuitive mechanism that diagnoses the security measures in the home security system.

The overall operation oof DFS Security Systems includes- detection of unauthorized events like breaking through a door, the sensors transmit the movement alert to the control hub, CMS triggers the real-time loud siren, customer and authorities are informed by the operator after verifying the reasons, and finally, on the resolving of the issue, the machine gets logged and the system gets reset by the operator.

DFS Care™: Another best-selling product line by DFS Services is DFS Care™. This product line features a series of security products in the range of doorbells, personal trackers, cameras, smart devices, key finders and locks. Some of the top-notch security systems in this range are- Slinex Video Doorbell, Ring indoor camera, EZVIZ C3N with 3-night vision cameras, Ezviz Indoor Camera with Smart IR function, Personal GPS Tracker, Wi-Fi Smart Plug, the wireless finder with Bluetooth 5.0 and accelerometer sensors, Yale smart lock, and Yale Rim lock.

DFS Care™ offers a 2-year replacement warranty on all products. The brand also ensures No Questions Asked Return and a 100% refund Policy if the products show any malfunction within 21days of purchase. DFS team offers high-quality installation services through 80+ active Pan-India channel partners. Clients can directly contact the DFS team to ask for a demo or consult with their security experts for requirement assessment.

CMS Monitoring Support: Apart from the products, the most vital services offered by DFS is CMS monitoring support. This is a complete security compensation exclusively meant for establishing a solid and real-time link between security sensors & alarms installed at the client’s home with DFS Central Monitoring Station (CMS). The cutting-edge AI software and expert team processes every signal coming after detecting anomalies in the security system.

CMS monitoring service makes the security system hard to breach. The most fascinating fact is that the DFS profesional monitoring system works round the clock with heartbeat signals passing every 30 seconds. It literally makes sure that safety and peace of mind are never compromised. Everything comes pre-configured and connected with this CMS monitoring system so that the functions remain streamlined. 

The system is built to monitor signals and encryption of codes that transmits between the alarm system and the central monitoring system. These encrypted codes carry vital information regarding system health, communication range, battery life, fire accidents, intrusion events, system tamper, network status, heartbeats, power connection, emergency events, active status and many more.

DFS offers M2M SIM card security along with other services such as regular system health services, firmware upgrades, system maintenance and many more. All of the services fall under the CMS security solution without any hidden costs or fee.

Champion Security Service Provider in India: DFS is committed to offering real-time genuine safety to keep homes and offices safe at the most cost-effective range. In this essence, the critic further adds, ‘DFS understands its customers well. Due to extremely varying demographics, there is no one-fit- for-all, that’s why the solutions are designed in partnership with consumers which also helps in keeping the cost low. There is a huge gap in the industry and they seem to be on the right path.

DFS prioritizes customer satisfaction over the necessity of meeting its revenue target. Instead of spending on a commercial advertisement, the company has made its clients the biggest ambassadors. The DFS team acknowledges ‘we know that if we live by our values, people will understand the importance of security and help us build a better and safer world for everyone.’

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