Actors Who Made A Remarkable Comeback Through OTT Platforms.

OTT (over the top) Platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, ZEE5 and MX player has become the new way of cinemas. Gradually people have started shifting from mainstream cinemas to OTT platforms. It is becoming quite evident that the OTT Platforms are affecting the movie theatre business. Moreover, the Covid 19 pandemic doubled the OTT platform business as movie theatres were shut down and people didn’t have many things to do other spending time online. Initially small actors used to work on online platforms, until Sacred Games was released. It had an all star cast and became a blockbuster as soon as it was released. Sacred Games became a game changer for the OTT Platforms after which many actors made their comeback on these platforms and provided the audiences with quality contents and their remarkable acting changed the preconceived ideas about them. The actors successfully re-established themselves who had already stopped acting in Bollywood. The OTT Platforms have become an industry itself.


  1. Sushmita Sen

Recently Sushmita Sen was seen on screen, playing the lead role in Web Series “Aarya”. This became her official comeback in cinemas through the Web Series streaming on Hotstar. “Aarya” portrayed Indianized version of the series “Breaking Bad” where Sushmita Sen played the role of a housewife named Aarya Sareen forced into narcotics trade. She played a character who got involved in all the activities but still remained concerned for her family. “Aarya” also became one of the most tweeted about Web Series in 2020. Sushmita Sen was last seen playing a role in 2010 film “No Problem”. The forgotten Miss Universe again paved her way and created her own ground with her phenomenal acting which will be remembered. 


2. Abhishek Bachchan

Abhishek Bachchan was last seen in Manmarziyaan in 2018 after facing a number of downfalls in Bollywood. To re-establish his career, he changed his direction to OTT Platform and was seen staring in a crime thriller “Breathe: Into The Woods” which streamed on Amazon Prime. In Breathe season 2 Abhishek Bachchan benchmarked his performance as a caring father involving himself in crimes to save his daughter. Not only that later on he was found to be playing a split role as well, thus, Junior Bachchan aced in playing the double role and re-established himself with his remarkable performance.


  1. Bobby Deol.

After “Houseful 4” doing terribly in the box office Bobby Deol shifted his focus to OTT Platforms the new forming industry. He was first spotted staring in “Class of 83” where he played the leading role which turned out to be phenomenal. It happened to be a Netflix original film where Bobby Deol was again recognized as a brilliant actor. “Ashram” the blockbuster OTT hit this year became a turning point for Bobby Deol. The show streaming on MX Player is led by him and the role of Baba Nirala has become his identity. Thus, it can be said that Bobby Deol used the OTT Platform wisely.


  1. Ashwini Bhave.

Ashwini Bhave who has made a comeback to acting with the Voot Select Original “The Raikar Case” which involves a lot of character building specially with the female characters. Ashwini Bhave was seen to be playing on of the important roles in the series. She was one of the leading actresses in the 1990s and now she has returned after 22years in the acting world. The actor is again recognized and recalled with the new way of cinemas.


  1. Rahul Bose

Last seen on “Viswaroopam 2” Rahul Bose is back with a bang on Netflix original “Bulbul”. Rahul Bose has been most challenged as an actor in playing the double negative role on “Bulbul”. Bose was found playing a very interesting role in the horror thriller. He could successfully re-establish himself playing the remarkable role through Netflix the most wanted OTT Platform.


  1. Juhi Chawla

Juhi Chawla was back on screen playing the defense minister in Ekta Kapoor’s “The Test Case”. The series streamed on AltBalaji. It portrayed real life characters into reel life in 2017. Her prominence was acknowledged in the web series and it became another example of OTT Platform being used for remarkable comebacks. Unlike her roles on Bollywood Juhi Chawla was completely seen playing a character out of her comfort zone. Making the role more prominent and loved by the people.


  1. Madhavan

After playing his last significant role in “3 Idiots” R. Madhavan was spotted playing a single father in the crime drama thriller “Breathe”. The show streamed on Amazon Prime and was blockbuster much loved by the audience. Madhavan plays the role of a single father who son is suffering form congenital lung disease who is looking for a donner and chooses the path of crime to save his son. The perseverance of the father is brilliantly by Madhavan and will be remembered for quite some time. He used the Platform for a brilliant comeback.


  1. Neelam Kothari

One of the best of her times Neelam Kothari was again seen on screen portraying the real lives of Bollywood wives. The Netflix original series “Fabulous lives of Bollywood wives” has Neelam Kothari as one of the Bollywood wives. The series mainly talks about the comeback of Neelam throughout, Neelam as herself in the series is holding the series together. People who have loved Neelam throughout had a perfect starstruck moment seeing Neelam on screen. Maybe after this we would be seeing Neelam on screen again.


  1. Mona Singh and Shamita Shetty

Black widows which will start streaming in December marks the comeback of Mona Singh and Shamita Shetty. It is a story revolving around three widows and their aspiration in life. The trailer shows that series might become an iconic one and will re-establish the comeback of the actors remarkably. Shamita Shetty has mostly faced downfalls in her Bollywood career, OTT Platforms being a game changer can turn out to be a turning point for her.


10. Dia Mirza

“Kaafir” turned out to be Dia Mirza’s comeback to the industry. The show streamed on ZEE5 where Dia Mirza was found to be playing a very strong female character saying prejudice needs to be eradicated from the society. She definitely benchmarked her performance in the ZEE5 originals where she was acclaimed as a fine actor. Thus, making her comeback remarkable playing a character out of her comfort zone.

With the help of the OTT Platforms the actors who made a comebacks aced the roles they played as they were such roles which were so different from usually what they have been seen in. Thus, gradually the OTT Platforms are taking over the bollywood industry with amazing plots and the cast.

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