Inside Gigi and Zayn’s Daughter Khai’s Super Chic 1st Birthday

Guess which birthday baby is in town? Now before you wreck your brain trying to guess which celebrity I’m talking about, let me give you a hint. Remember when I said, birthday baby? Well, take the word literally.

Because the only birthday baby in town is none other than Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik’s daughter Khai Hadid Malik, who just turned one last week.

The celebration was perfect as mommy Gigi went all out for the apple of her eye, Khai’s 1st birthday. And I mean it literally; the birthday had everything, from the best of food to the best of decor.

The model celebrated her daughter’s birthday in her Manhattan apartment and took to Instagram to share some sneak peeks of the birthday throughout the day. And if that wasn’t enough, we also saw sneak peeks from the attendees.

Now, before I jump onto who attended the celebration, let’s see what the decor had in store for us. Gigi’s house was decorated from top to bottom. The decor featured a variety of things, such as the bold gold balloon letters that spelled out Khai’s name, accompanied by a balloon panda figure. The floral balloons throughout the model’s apartment, gave the place a chic vibe.


The main attraction of the place was a cake the model got custom-made from Cake Boss’ Buddy Valastro, which was a perfect fit for her daughter’s Word Party theme.

Word Party is a popular animated children’s television series on Netflix and features four adorable baby animals Bailey the Elephant, Franny the Cheetah, Lulu the Panda, and Kip the Wallaby.

Gigi’s entire family attended the celebration, starting from her dad, and down to her half-sisters, and everyone went all out on Instagram to show their love for the girl of the day. Throughout the day, we had proud aunts like Bella Hadid rocking an Aunt B necklace. Alana Hadid posting a pic with her niece while she was reading with Khai. Even Grandmother and Grandfather Yolanda Hadid and Mohamed Hadid posted a pic with their grandaughter showing her all their love. Gigi’s brother Anwar Hadid attended the occasion with his girlfriend, Dua Lipa.

Alana Hadid even shared a picture of the couple as they soaked in all the decor and showed Khai the balloons and cakes. Their fans were super happy upon seeing the pic of the family as it warmed their hearts.

Zayn’s family wasn’t able to make it to their grandchild’s celebration. This could be due to the covid restrictions but, they were sure there in full spirits.

In all the pictures taken of the night, everyone ensured to cover Khai’s face. Previously, after Khai’s birth, the model posted an open letter on her Instagram about her decision to keep Khai’s privacy intact and requested the paparazzi to take notice of this intent and refrain from photographing the 1-year-old. She mentioned her dire wishes of allowing Khai to make her own decision as to when she would want to reveal herself to the world when she’s of age. Both Zayn and Gigi’s families have agreed to this earnest request.


Edited by Anupama Roy

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