Top 7 September Favourites From Netflix

As we pass September and enter into the month of Halloween – October, it’s time to dust the lanterns and recall what the last month had served us in Netflix. And it was quite a month for us all, with the release of some popular series seasons and some good movies and movie series. Shows usually come and go in our daily lives. But, some stay, and we can’t wait to see its continuation.

September was a month that served us with really good continuations as seasons were released for a variety of Netflix shows such as:

  1. Lucifer – Season 6 (The Final Season)september netflix

    Well, the devils did it again and bought us another season as well as the last season of devilish madness. After being named God after a certain family problem, Lucifer decides to spend time with his one and only love, Chloe, for the remaining time he has. But, a certain visit throws him off into a trail of discovery and love.

  2. Riverdale – Season 5

    Archie and his gang of friends are here, and yet again are stuck in another mystery to solve in their small town of Riverdale. Follow the life of all the leftover residents of Riverdale, who, after graduating, navigatelife through the chaos, love, and the true meaning of being a working adult, and try to restore their town’s former glory.

  3. Sex Education – Season 3

    Otis Millburn is back again, only not with the sex clinic. Stuck under a new rule, the students of Moordale high are confused and frustrated. Elsewhere, we see tensions arise between the young couples. As feelings burst and new connections are formed. It puts the characters on edge as they each figure out their feelings. Everyone gets to see the students in a different light.

  4. Money Heist – Season 5

    The heist is on guys; time to raid your pantry and gather the snacks because it’s time to get ready to binge the newest season of Money Heist. The crew is ready to start again, only this time they are sharper and quicker. And nothing is going to stop them this time. Not only did this season up its game, but, it also gave everyone an insight into the characters owing to the backstories that we didn’t know we needed.

  5. Squid game – Season 1

    Imagine playing all the games you played as a child in a tournament, only with not so childlike consequences. Would you still want to play? Follow the lives of a group of people who are in a similar situation. And see how they desperately work and scramble to play the games. The games you may not relate to as they are based on games that Korean kids play but, the feeling is the same, and it’ll have you relating to some of the characters. This K-drama is definitely a must-watch.

And to add to all these exciting drops, Netflix also added several movies to its list, giving us more and more to watch.

  1. The Twilight Saga

    Yes, the classic Edward Vs Jacob or vampire Vs werewolf classic is back and is ready to take us by storm. The entire saga or series of movies were released. It is a five-part series, and for those of you who want to relive your angsty teenage years, feel free to visit them from the comfort of your home. Watch the movies in a marathon and relive your old memories.

  2. The Guilty

    A remake of a classic 2018 thriller, this movie is a must-watch to see an upgraded version of the film and judge for yourself whether or not was this an unnecessary remake. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, this movie replays some intense chilling moments you wish you never encounter. It also shows you just how a high-pressure situation or traumatic incident affects a person’s mental state.


Edited by Anupama Roy

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