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Top 5 Best K-Dramas That Are Comedies

Comedy as a genre can be defined as a companion that everyone needs in life. Have you ever seen a person who hates comedy? I’m guessing a majority of the answers would be no. Currently, taking the world by a storm is the K- Phenomenon. And a part of this phenomenon is Korean Dramas or K-dramas.

Comedy is a genre that does not have a particular time or place. It fits into every situation. If you’re sad, you can watch comedy, and if you’re happy, you can watch comedy. I mean, the possibilities are endless.

By now, I’m pretty sure you’ve understood what I’m about to say. But, to those who haven’t, welcome to the list where K-dramas meets comedy.

Here are the Top 5 K-dramas that are good comedies :

  1. So Not Worth It

    The series is infamously known as Netflix’s first Korean sitcom and is exactly the series you need to tickle your funny bone. Follow the life of multicultural students staying in their university’s international dorm as they go about their day-to-day life. The series stars Park Se-Wan, Shin Hyun-Seung, GOT7’s Choi Young-Jae, (G)I-dle’s Minnie, and model Han Hyun-min. The series is very relatable as they show problems everyday students go through. And this sitcom is a must-watch for all of you out there, who want a K-drama that is a step away from the usual.

  2. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

    This series is perfect for those of you who don’t want to watch a series solely based on comedy, whether it be the main character’s back story or Lee Young-Joon’s powerful ‘Aura’ line. Or even the perfect chemistry between Lee Young Joon and Kim Mi-So. This series has almost all the genres that everyone loves. Follow the life of secretary Kim Mi-So as she deals with her day-to-day life working for the CEO of a major corporation, Lee Young-Jae. Starring Park Seo-Joon (Lee Young-Joon) and Park Min-Young (Kim Mi-So), this series is a must-watch.
  3. Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon

    K-dramasImagine having an immense amount of strength that dictates what you do. Tough right? Well, similar is the situation of our protagonist Do Bong-Soon, who was born with superhuman strength. Follow her along as she navigates life being a bodyguard to a rich heir and CEO of a gaming company, Ahn Min-Hyuk, as well as taking down a serial kidnapper. Sounds interesting right? This series is packed with love, action, and a lot of comedy and is bound to have you laughing off your seat.

  4. Welcome to Waikiki 1&2

    While talking about comedy, how can we forget this gem? This series is the only one you need to watch if you want to have a good laugh. Watch it with your friends and laugh your butt off the chair. The series follows a group of unlikely people, who all stay in the same guest house called Waikiki. It is run by three different young men for funding the production of their upcoming film. The series stars Kim Jung-Hyun, Lee Yi-Kyung, Son Seung- Won, Han Yoon-Ah, etc. And even if you don’t have a funny bone, this series is sure to make you find yours.

  5. Touch Your Heart

    Starring Yoo In-Na (Oh Jin-Shim) and Lee Dong-Wook (Kwon Jung-Rok), this series is again a good mix between comedy and other genres. After the downfall of the famous actress Oh Jin-Shim, she is out of roles and under the public’s scrutiny. And when finally she gets the big break she deserves. She learns that she needs to prepare well for the role. And to do so, she has to become the secretary of the handsome young lawyer, Kwon Jung- Rok. Well, you must be curious as to what happens next right? Sorry, but that’s up to you to watch.


Edited by Anupama Roy

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