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Top 5 Korean Dramas On Netflix

Enjoying films and television shows in languages other than English has become increasingly common, with Korean dramas, in particular, gaining widespread international attention. However, signing up for a streaming service dedicated to Asian dramas can feel like a giant leap if you’re unsure about making the switch to subtitles.

Korean dramas have gained recent popularity over the OTT platforms. They present their culture and savor, which is an addictive and binge-worthy deal on Netflix. Korean dramas have gained admiration and a huge fan base, from romantic comedies to horror shows and superhero thrillers

Here are some Top 5 Korean Dramas On Netflix from various genres on Netflix that are worth watching are:


Mine (Korean Drama) - Soundtrack List - TUNEFLIXThis is the latest 16 episode drama on Netflix. The show talks of the lavish and flamboyant life of the Chaebol family. The main characters are the two daughters-in-laws of the family trying to create an individual identity in the strict Korean society. The drama revolves around their claim and fights to get what is there in the patriarchal system. The title goes along with the theme because it’s about getting what’s yours and the objectification that could be claimed as “mine.” Sacrifices, love, and money are the major ruling factors, and the two compete to claim over these things in the family.


Vincenzo Episode 17 Release Date, Cast,- Daily Research PlotThe thriller drama got aired in 2021 and has 20 episodes. The story begins with a boy who is adopted by an Italian family who lives in Italy. He joins the mafia and later he is adopted by them. He is renamed ‘ VINCENZO CASSANO,’ and he becomes a lawyer. After the death of the head mafia, when his son comes to run the business, he tries to kill Vincenzo. He then flies to Korea, where he discovers some Chinese gold and discovers more enemies to him. The theme sets in all the secret killings and thriller suspense around Vincenzo.


The Uncanny Counter, Korean Drama About Capturing SatanIt is a paranormal drama about a schoolboy named Moon who becomes a part of the counter. The counters hunt down demons who come back to earth to achieve eternity. The drama is riveting with supernatural elements that amaze and intrigue the viewers. The counters are a group of people who lived an everyday life but, after some incident, are in a coma.


DOWNLOAD Mr. Sunshine Season 1 Complete 480p/720p HDTV All Episodes .Mp4 &  3GP - NaijGreenIt is a historical drama set in JOSEON, the last ruler of the dynasty before foreigners annexed it. The drama portrays authentic and pure Korean traditions. It is a typical Korean drama with love triangles, war, and historical attributes to it. The story is of a poor Korean boy who fled to the United States and became the chief of their army. He falls in love with the aristocrat’s daughter, and the annexation of Korea stands in their way.


This is a medical school drama with 24 episodes in 2 seasons. It is linked to the famous drama GREY’S ANATOMY. The story revolves around five friends who have been together since medical high school and are currently colleagues. Their shared love for music, along with their playlist at work, is what makes them different. The intense surgeries and hardships of the medical profession are shown with much perfection, which makes it a masterpiece.

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