Emotions Flow As Vin Diesel Walks Meadow Walker Down The Aisle

I don’t have friends. I have a family.

True to his words, Vin Diesel fulfilled his duty on Friday afternoon as he walked his god-daughter, Meadow Walker, down the aisle as she started a new chapter of her life.

The news became the highlight of every Fast & Furious fan out there as Meadow shared the happy act on her Instagram.

Now, before I dive deeper into the event and fans’ reactions, let’s get to know more about the bride and groom. Meadow Walker, 22, daughter of Paul Walker, married the love of her life, Louis Thornton-Allan, in an intimate ceremony on Friday.

The former is a well-known model, and the latter is a British actor. The couple officially confirmed their dating rumors in July 2021. The wedding was a beautiful occasion organized by Meadow’s aunt Paloma, and the couple told her they were blessed and happy for the help. Meadow Walker even spoke to Vogue about the occasion saying, “We couldn’t have imagined it to be any more perfect and personal — and honestly it was easy and simple. Louis and I knew exactly what we wanted from the start. It was a very intimate celebration.

meadow walker

The bride recalls how she called her best friend, Matt, who is coincidently the infamous Matthew Williams. He designed a custom Givenchy Haute Couture wedding dress for his friend and the bride-to-be. He was hands-on with the process, showing her multiple sketches and taking her opinion through every step.

The engagement ring was also no joke, as the ring was custom-made by her close friend Eduardo Saggese from Eclat Jewels. The godfather of the hour wore a classic sky blue suit with a pair of sunglasses.

Throughout the day, little sneak peeks were posted on the model’s Instagram handle. The one which caught most people’s eyes was the one where Vin Diesel, a close friend or rather family of the bride’s father, walked her down the aisle. It was a sight to behold.

There were many posts made that day. One was where Meadow and Vin are seen walking and another one with Meadow and her groom. Following this was a black and white post that showed Meadow in all her wedding glory. In the video, Meadow was seen walking in her gown and riding a car with the groom. Included in the video is Vin Diesel, who is seen greeting the family as they enter the venue. She captioned this picture as “We’re Married.”

vin diesel

Now for those of you who aren’t very familiar with the history here, let me give you some background information. Both Paul Walker and Vin Diesel played prominent roles in the world-famous franchise Fast & Furious. Over the course of these films, they became close friends and treated each other as family.

On 30th November 2013, Paul Walker met with an unfortunate accident that cost him his life. The actor, 40 at the time, was a passenger in a red Porsche. Due to the driver losing control of the steering, the car crashed into a tree, going up in flames. Meadow was only fifteen years old when she lost her father. The death was quite tragic and left a hole in many families, friends, and fans’ hearts.

Vin is quite close to Meadow Walker and has even hinted at her appearance in the upcoming Fast and Furious movies.

On her wedding day, Meadow didn’t have to worry because her godfather was there to guide her in place of her father. As soon as the news of this hit the internet, fans were overwhelmed with emotions. Everyone started flooding social media sites with the amount of happiness they felt at the gesture. Around the world, people were reminded of Paul Walker and got emotional by Vin Diesel. Fans wrote that they were filled with tears of happiness upon seeing Vin walk Meadow down the aisle.


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