Maybelline New York considers Suhana Khan and PV Sindhu among the newest brand ambassadors

Maybelline New York’s choice of Suhana Khan, Ananya Birla, PV Sindhu, and Eksha Subba as their brand ambassadors showcases their commitment to representing the diversity and sensibilities of Gen Z.

The selection of individuals from different fields, including sports, business, acting, and internet personality, highlights the brand’s understanding of the varied interests and aspirations of their target audience.

Maybelline names Suhana Khan, Ananya Birla & Eksha Subba as brand ambassadors

By choosing ambassadors who embody the brand’s spirit and values, Maybelline New York aims to connect with their customers on a deeper level. Each ambassador’s unique personality and achievements make them ideal spokespersons for the brand, as they can inspire and resonate with different segments of their audience.

The upcoming campaign featuring these new brand ambassadors, set to launch in April 2023, will likely showcase their individual stories, accomplishments, and how Maybelline New York products have been a part of their journey. It’s an exciting opportunity for the ambassadors to represent the brand and engage with their followers, while also showcasing the diverse range of beauty and empowerment.

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Maybelline New York’s choice to embrace diversity and collaborate with individuals from various fields demonstrates their progressive approach within the beauty industry. It allows them to connect with a wider audience and empower individuals from different backgrounds, encouraging inclusivity and representation.

Zeenia Bastani, the brand general manager at Maybelline New York for L’Oréal India, expressed her excitement and enthusiasm for the new brand ambassadors in a statement. She mentioned that the addition of Suhana Khan, Ananya Birla, and Eksha Subba, along with PV Sindhu, is a reason for celebration for Maybelline New York.

Bastani emphasized the brand’s mission, which is to provide everyone with the self-confidence to express their beauty in their own unique way. She stated that the four new brand ambassadors perfectly embody the spirit of Maybelline New York and what the brand stands for.

According to Bastani, these talented young women represent Maybelline New York’s target audience. They are described as ambitious, confident in their self-expression, diverse, and ready to make a positive change. By selecting ambassadors who align with these qualities, Maybelline New York aims to inspire and empower individuals to embrace their individuality and express themselves with confidence.

Bastani’s statement highlights Maybelline New York’s commitment to diversity, self-expression, and inclusivity. It demonstrates the brand’s dedication to providing a platform for individuals from various backgrounds and industries to represent and inspire their audience.


Suhana Khan strikes a 'golden' pose in new Insta post

Suhana Khan, despite not having made her debut in the film industry yet, has already made a name for herself. Her upcoming debut film, “The Archies,” an Indian musical adaptation of the Archies comic, directed by Zoya Akhtar, has garnered much anticipation. Alongside her film aspirations, Suhana has also made significant strides in the world of modeling and endorsements, including her recent association with Maybelline New York.

Suhana Khan expressed her excitement about being a part of the Maybelline New York family. She shared that this collaboration holds special meaning for her as she has previously lived in New York as a student. She believes that Maybelline New York captures the style and essence of the city. Suhana looks forward to being a part of Maybelline’s journey in India, connecting with young consumers, and being a voice that empowers young women to express themselves confidently.

Ananya Birla, another newly announced brand ambassador for Maybelline New York, also expressed her honor and delight in representing the brand. She acknowledged Maybelline’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, emphasizing that the brand creates makeup for everyone. Ananya further mentioned her pride in being the voice of a brand with a purpose, particularly highlighting Maybelline’s “Brave Together” initiative, which aims to destigmatize conversations around mental health and encourages young people to seek the help they need.

In Pics: Suhana Khan Becomes Brand Ambassador For This New York-based Brand

Both Suhana Khan and Ananya Birla’s statements reflect their enthusiasm for being associated with a brand that aligns with their values and allows them to empower young women and promote important causes. Their endorsements not only contribute to their individual careers but also demonstrate their commitment to using their influence for positive change.

PV Sindhu: “When you are young, you think you want to be in the limelight and want to be number one. When you get there, you have to enjoy it.” | Vogue

PV Sindhu, a renowned sportsperson and former Vogue India cover star, expressed her pride in being associated with Maybelline New York and their mental health initiative, Brave Together. She emphasized that the brand represents strength and confidence, which resonates with her own values. Sindhu looks forward to inspiring young women to embrace their best selves and to always be Brave Together.

Eksha Subba, another brand ambassador, expressed her excitement about being associated with Maybelline New York, the world’s number one makeup brand. She shared her personal connection with the brand, as some of their iconic products have been a part of her makeup kit while growing up. Subba feels honored to represent a brand that she has admired for so long.

Zeenia Bastani, Brand General Manager of Maybelline New York, L’Oréal India, expressed her thrill in welcoming Suhana Khan, Ananya Birla, and Eksha Subba, along with PV Sindhu, to the Maybelline New York family. She reiterated the brand’s mission, which is to empower individuals to express themselves and their beauty in their own unique way. Bastani stated that these four talented young women perfectly embody the spirit of the brand and its values. She described them as ambitious, confident in their self-expression, diverse, and ready to make positive change. These ambassadors represent the essence of Maybelline New York and the women it aims to inspire.

Zeenia Bastani’s statement reinforces Maybelline New York’s commitment to empowering individuals and promoting self-expression. The brand aims to create a platform where people can feel confident in expressing themselves and making a difference. The new brand ambassadors reflect the brand’s values and represent the diversity and ambition of Maybelline New York women.


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