30 years of Kajol passion and power in Bollywood: Tracing the star’s iconic style moments onscreen

30 years of Kajol passion in Bollywood

Kajol’s impact on the fashion landscape throughout her three-decade-long career has been undeniable.Her style choices have continued to inspire and captivate audiences, making her an everlasting icon of femininity and grace for many ’90s kids. Some of her iconic style moments that have left a lasting impact on the fashion industry, Salmon Pink Lehenga from ‘Sajanji Ghar Aaye’: Kajol’s salmon pink lehenga from the song ‘Sajanji Ghar Aaye’ in the film ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ became an instant hit.

The intricate design, vibrant color, and her ethereal presence made it a popular choice for brides-to-be, serving as inspiration for their own bridal looks.Monotone Saris in Snowy Locales: Kajol’s array of monotone saris against snowy backdrops in movies like ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge‘ and ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham’ showcased a blend of elegance and simplicity. Her style elevated the classic sari, redefining its appeal and inspiring a new generation to embrace this timeless attire.

Indo-Western Fusion: Kajol has effortlessly blended Indian and Western elements in her style, creating a fusion that resonated with many. Whether it was pairing traditional Indian jewelry with Western outfits or combining Indian textiles with contemporary silhouettes, her fashion choices showcased a harmonious blend of cultures.

Kajol’s legacy-defining impact on the fashion landscape can be seen through these iconic style moments. Her ability to reinvent and experiment with fashion while maintaining her signature grace and elegance has solidified her status as a style icon for the 21st century.

The character of Anjali, portrayed by Kajol in the movie ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’, indeed became an iconic figure for the tomboy style of the ’90s. Her fuss-free and comfortable fashion choices have found relevance even in today’s fashion landscape. Let’s delve into the elements that made Anjali’s style memorable:

Logomania Tees: Anjali’s wardrobe in the film often featured logomania tees, which were popular during the ’90s. These tees prominently displayed brand logos or names, adding a cool and casual element to her outfits. Logomania has made a comeback in recent years, and Anjali’s affinity for these tees resonates with the current trend.

Varsity Sweatshirts: Anjali’s wardrobe also included varsity sweatshirts, which added a sporty and youthful vibe to her look. The combination of oversized sweatshirts with jeans or shorts became a go-to style for those seeking comfort and a relaxed, tomboyish charm.

Iconic Headband: One of the most memorable aspects of Anjali’s style was her signature headband. She often sported a thick, colorful headband that added a playful touch to her overall look. This accessory became synonymous with her character and remains an iconic symbol of the ’90s fashion era.

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Anjali’s character in ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ embodied the essence of tomboy style, where comfort and ease took precedence. Her logomania tees, varsity sweatshirts, and the iconic headband reflected the carefree spirit of the ’90s and continue to resonate with the current generation’s pursuit of cozy and comfortable fashion.

Kajol’s love for slinky chiffon saris as her sartorial signature is well-known among her fans. What sets her apart is how she uses color to anchor her looks and create a focal point. Let’s explore her feminine romanticism on display in the iconic song ‘Sooraj Hua Madham’ from the film ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham’ and her use of color to evoke different moods:

Pale Whites: Kajol’s wardrobe in ‘Sooraj Hua Madham’ featured saris in the palest whites, which exuded an ethereal and dreamy quality. These soft hues added a sense of innocence and purity to her look, enhancing the romantic ambiance of the song.

Vibrant Colors: While Kajol often gravitates towards lighter shades, she also embraces vibrant colors to make a statement. In the song, she wears saris in bold and vivid hues, such as reds and blues, creating a striking contrast against the backdrop. These colors symbolize passion and intensity, adding a touch of drama to her romantic persona.

Sheer Black Numbers: Kajol’s choice of sheer black saris for après-hours glam showcases her ability to embrace a darker and more seductive side. The black color exudes sophistication and elegance, while the sheer fabric adds a hint of sensuality. It’s a departure from her lighter palette, showcasing her versatility and ability to adapt to different moods.

Kajol - Celebrity Style in Suraj Hua Maddham Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, 2001  from Suraj Hua Maddham. | Charmboard

Kajol’s sartorial choices in ‘Sooraj Hua Madham‘ epitomize her feminine romanticism, with a carefully curated palette of colors. From pale whites to vibrant hues and sheer black numbers, each color choice conveys a specific emotion and adds depth to her character. Her ability to anchor her looks with color highlights her expertise in creating impactful and memorable fashion moments.

Indeed, Kajol’s onscreen career has showcased a wide range of colorful and iconic moments. While she has often been associated with go-with-everything pastels, her most memorable and iconic looks have often featured vibrant and saturated hues.

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One of Kajol’s standout moments in a saturated hue was in the movie “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge” (1995) during the mehendi night scene. Instead of opting for the traditional bridal red, she wore an all-green ensemble, which made a bold and refreshing statement. This departure from the norm not only suited her character but also added a touch of uniqueness to the scene.’

Adorable again — Shah Rukh and Kajol look amazing in Gerua's 'making of'  video - Culture - Images

Another notable instance of Kajol embracing vibrant colors is the song “Gerua” from the movie “Dilwale” (2015). In this romantic ballad, she appeared alongside Shah Rukh Khan, and their chemistry was beautifully enhanced by the stunning backdrop of colorful landscapes. Kajol’s vibrant orange saree, paired with Shah Rukh Khan’s blue suit, created a visually striking contrast that became an iconic image associated with the song.

Kajol in Fanaa | Punjabi suit neck designs, Bollywood celebrities, Indian  fashion saree

In the movie “Fanaa” (2006), Kajol’s character Zooni wore vibrant and richly colored outfits throughout the film. This choice of wardrobe not only reflected the character’s vivacity but also added to the overall aesthetic appeal of the movie.

Kajol’s ability to carry off loud and proud colors with confidence has made her onscreen looks timeless and enviable. Her knack for choosing vibrant hues that suit her character and enhance the visual appeal of the scenes has contributed to her status as a style icon in the Indian film industry.

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