July 2023, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja has a whole new way of styling saris—with an unexpected coat

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja has a whole new way of styling saris

Sonam Kapoor is a prominent Indian actress known for her work in Bollywood films. It’s great to hear that she was involved in the UK-India Week celebrations. Being invited to the UK Prime Minister’s official residence, 10 Downing Street, for a reception is a significant honor. It indicates her recognition and influence in the entertainment industry.

Additionally, participating in the Creative Industries and Cultural Economy Summit at the Nehru Centre in London suggests that Sonam Kapoor’s presence extended beyond the realm of entertainment. Fireside chats are often intimate and insightful conversations, allowing participants to share their experiences, opinions, and expertise.

Overall, Sonam Kapoor’s involvement in these events highlights the growing cultural ties and collaborations between India and the UK, fostering an exchange of ideas, creativity, and business opportunities in the creative industries.

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja has a whole new way of styling saris—with an unexpected  coat | Vogue India

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja was present at the UK-India Week representing India and Indian culture. Sonam Kapoor Ahuja is known for her fashion-forward choices and her ability to showcase Indian textiles and craftsmanship on a global platform.

Her participation in the Coronation Concert for King Charles III, while wearing a collaborative creation by Indian designer Anamika Khanna and London-based designer Emilia Wickstead, demonstrates her commitment to paying homage to her Indian roots through her sartorial choices. The use of a traditional Indian ‘chintz’ print in her outfit further emphasizes her connection to Indian heritage.

Sonam Kapoor Looks Royal In A Saree As She Attends The India Global Forum

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s ability to blend Indian aesthetics with global fashion trends showcases the rich cultural heritage of India and contributes to the promotion and recognition of Indian craftsmanship on an international stage.

Her presence and involvement in such events highlight the growing influence and impact of Bollywood actors in bridging the gap between different cultures and promoting cross-cultural collaborations.

Sonam Kapoor looked stunning in her reception dinner outfit, which was custom-made by designer Rohit Bal. The sari was crafted from a luxurious and breathable cotton-silk fabric, adorned with intricate red flora and fauna motifs, a trademark of the renowned designer. To add her personal touch and signature style, Sonam’s sister and stylist, Rhea Kapoor, paired the beautiful soft and minty green sari with a long hand-woven silk coat in ivory.

The coat featured exquisite thread embroidery with floral motifs in red, complementing the motifs on the sari. The combination of the sari and the coat created a striking ensemble for the reception dinner, highlighting Sonam’s elegance and fashion-forward choices.

Sonam Kapoor is indeed known for her impeccable fashion choices and her support for talented designers. In this instance, she showcased her style prowess by opting for handcrafted jewelry from the label Dhuri. The earrings she wore were hand-painted with a red floral design, complementing the print on her sari. This choice exemplifies her ability to curate unique and artistic pieces rather than relying on flashy labels.

To enhance the overall look, Sonam Kapoor also adorned a large emerald ring by Amrapali. This addition provided a touch of Indian grandeur, further accentuating her ensemble.

Sonam Kapoor styles her saris in the most brilliant way | The Times of India

Sonam Kapoor’s fashion choices consistently demonstrate her keen eye for detail and her willingness to experiment with different styles. By showcasing the work of talented designers like Dhuri and incorporating pieces from renowned brands like Amrapali, she continues to establish herself as a fashion icon with a distinct and sophisticated sense of style.

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s attention to detail extends beyond her clothing choices, as evidenced by her well-curated glam. To complement her overall look, she opted for glamorous curls, allowing her luscious mane to flow freely. This hairstyle added a touch of elegance and sophistication to her appearance.

In terms of makeup, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja focused on accentuating her eyes. She opted for mascara-laden lashes, which likely enhanced her natural beauty and made her eyes pop. To tie in with the scarlet floral motifs on her ensemble, she chose a bold red lip.

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s ability to use fashion as a mode for visual storytelling is indeed commendable. By paying attention to every aspect, from her clothing to her hair and makeup, she consistently presents a fresh and regal image.

Sonam Kapoor’s fashion choices for the India Global Forum event during UK-India Week 2023, where she participated in a panel discussion for the Creative Industries and Cultural Economy Summit with author Amish Tripathi, would likely be in line with her usual style sensibilities and the occasion’s significance.

She might have opted for an ensemble that combines elegance with a touch of contemporary flair. Sonam Kapoor has often been seen donning outfits that showcase Indian craftsmanship and textiles while incorporating modern elements.

To complement her attire, she would have likely chosen accessories that add a sophisticated touch, such as statement jewelry or a sleek clutch. These additions would enhance her overall look and highlight her attention to detail.

UK-India Week 2023: Sonam Kapoor's New Saree Look

In terms of hair and makeup, Sonam Kapoor might have gone for a polished and refined look. She could have styled her hair in a chic updo or opted for sleek, straightened hair. Her makeup would likely be well-balanced, with emphasis on her eyes and a subtle lip color to create a sophisticated and professional appearance.

Overall, Sonam Kapoor’s fashion choices for the panel discussion at the India Global Forum event would reflect her ability to combine traditional elements with contemporary style, presenting a fashionable and culturally relevant image.

In keeping with the wildlife theme of the Jungle-Mahal collection by Pankaj S Heritage, Sonam Kapoor chose a sari from Indian designer Pankaj S Chadha’s eponymous brand. Pankaj S Heritage is known for its focus on reviving traditional Indian craftsmanship and embroidery techniques, and this particular collection draws inspiration from the Indian tropical forestscape and its flora and fauna.

Sonam Kapoor Looks Royal In A Saree As She Attends The India Global Forum

The sari Sonam Kapoor chose, called Gulkaari, featured a light-catching brown color with a green leaf border. The highlight of the sari was the wildlife-inspired embroidery throughout, which likely added a vibrant and artistic touch to the ensemble.

To complete the look, Sonam Kapoor may have chosen accessories that complemented the wildlife theme. Perhaps she paired the sari with nature-inspired jewelry, such as pieces adorned with leaves, flowers, or animal motifs. These accessories would have enhanced the overall theme and added a touch of elegance.

Sonam Kapoor’s choice to wear a sari from Pankaj S Heritage not only reflects her support for traditional Indian craftsmanship but also showcases her ability to curate ensembles that tell a story. By selecting a sari from the Jungle-Mahal collection, she continues to demonstrate her fashion-forward approach and her penchant for incorporating cultural and artistic elements into her style.

Once again styled by Rhea Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor’s jewelry choice for the ensemble consisted of opulent drop earrings and enamelled rings by Alice Cicolini. Alice Cicolini is known for her exquisite craftsmanship and bold designs that often incorporate vibrant enamel work.

The opulent drop earrings from Alice Cicolini would have added a touch of glamour and elegance to Sonam Kapoor’s overall look. These earrings may have featured intricate detailing, possibly incorporating colorful enamels or precious gemstones, which would have complemented the sari and added a luxurious touch.

To further enhance the ensemble, Sonam Kapoor might have adorned enamelled rings by Alice Cicolini as well. These rings, likely showcasing the same vibrant enamel work seen in the earrings, would have beautifully complemented the sari and added a cohesive element to her jewelry.

In terms of makeup, Sonam Kapoor may have opted for a natural and dewy complexion, which would have provided a fresh and radiant glow. The nude lip color would have added a subtle touch, allowing the focus to remain on her jewelry and the overall ensemble. Completing the look, a tight bun hairstyle would have provided a sleek and polished appearance, ensuring that all attention was drawn to her outfit and accessories.

With Rhea Kapoor’s styling expertise and the choice of Alice Cicolini’s opulent jewelry, Sonam Kapoor would have exuded an air of sophistication and glamour, perfectly complementing her sari ensemble for the event.

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