In year 2022, from Sonam Kapoor Ahuja to Priyanka Chopra Jonas: Here’s how the stars served statement looks this dazzling Diwali season

From sonam kapoor  to Priyanka Chopra Jonas: Here’s how the stars served statement looks this Diwali season

Bollywood stars' statement looks this Diwali: From Sonam Kapoor Ahuja to  Priyanka Chopra Jonas | Vogue India


Diwali, the festival of lights, is a time when Bollywood celebrities showcase their impeccable style and beauty choices. This year was no exception, as stars like sonam kapoor  and Shanaya Kapoor graced the festivities with their stunning ethnic ensembles and mesmerizing beauty looks. Sonam kapoor and other ladies set new trends and raised the bar for the Bollywood beauty game this season.

sonam kapoor , known for her fashion-forward choices, exuded elegance and grace in her traditional attire. Her beauty look was a perfect blend of classic and modern. With subtle yet radiant makeup, she accentuated her features and let her natural beauty shine through. Her hair was styled in a sophisticated updo, adding a touch of glamour to her overall appearance.

Shanaya Kapoor, the young starlet, opted for a more experimental approach to her Diwali look. She embraced bold and vibrant makeup, creating a statement with her eyes and lips. Her hairstyle was equally eye-catching, with intricate braids and adorned accessories that added a festive touch to her ensemble.

While sonam kapoor  and Shanaya Kapoor showcased two distinct styles, other celebrities also brought their A-game to the Diwali celebrations. Some embraced traditional beauty choices, opting for timeless and graceful looks. They donned classic makeup with well-defined eyes, subtle blush, and traditional bindis. Their hair was styled in elegant updos or left loose with soft waves, completing their ethereal appearances.

On the other hand, there were celebrities who dared to go beyond conventions and experimented with their hair and makeup. They sported unconventional hairstyles, such as edgy braids, sleek ponytails, or voluminous curls. Their makeup looks featured bold colors, dramatic eye shadows, and statement lip shades, making heads turn with their unique choices.

These Bollywood celebrities truly embraced the festive spirit of Diwali and served steal-worthy looks one after the other. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance or the experimental glamour, their beauty arsenals have provided ample inspiration for any upcoming festivities.

Priyanka chopra Jonas:

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas celebrate first Diwali with daughter Malti:  'Love, peace and prosperity to all' | Entertainment News,The Indian Express

Priyanka Chopra Jonas, the global icon, celebrated her first Diwali with her daughter in a grand style at her lavish home in Los Angeles. Known for her impeccable fashion sense and beauty choices, Priyanka pulled out all the stops for this special occasion.

For her Diwali look, Priyanka opted for timeless and classic beauty choices that perfectly complemented her all-white outfit. Her hair was styled in an elegant updo adorned with roses, adding a touch of romance and femininity to her overall look. Face-framing tendrils added softness and framed her face beautifully, enhancing her features.

When it comes to makeup, Priyanka stayed true to her signature style by opting for a quintessential red lip. The bold red shade added a pop of color and sophistication to her look, exuding elegance and confidence. With flawless skin, well-defined eyes, and subtle contouring, Priyanka’s makeup enhanced her natural beauty without overpowering her overall appearance.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas effortlessly blended tradition with contemporary style for her Diwali celebration. Her time-tested classic beauty choices, including the rose-clad updo, face-framing tendrils, and the iconic red lip, showcased her impeccable taste and added a touch of glamour to the festivities.

Priyanka’s Diwali look serves as an inspiration for those who appreciate the beauty of classic choices and want to make a statement with their style. Her celebration of this auspicious occasion with her daughter added a personal touch to the festivities, making it a memorable Diwali for her and her loved ones.

Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal's Diwali wardrobe has all the festive feels  | PINKVILLA

Katrina Kaif, the founder of Kay Beauty, perfectly captured the essence of the festive spirit with her stunning Diwali attire. She chose a gorgeous green saree designed by Manish Malhotra, showcasing her impeccable fashion sense.

To complement her attire, Katrina opted for bohemian loose flowing tresses, which added a touch of effortless elegance to her overall look. The loose waves created a soft and romantic vibe, enhancing the beauty of her ensemble.

In terms of makeup, Katrina chose a sophisticated approach, keeping the focus on her eyes and lips. She went for understated smokey eyes, adding depth and allure to her gaze. The smokey effect was expertly blended, giving her eyes a subtle intensity. With roseate lips, Katrina added a hint of color and freshness to her face, creating a harmonious balance with her green saree.

Katrina Kaif’s Diwali look is a true lesson in sophistication, where every element of her ensemble is carefully curated to create a cohesive and captivating appearance. The combination of her stunning green Manish Malhotra saree, bohemian loose flowing tresses, and understated yet alluring makeup reflects her impeccable style and attention to detail.

This look serves as an inspiration for those who aspire to exude grace and sophistication during festive occasions. Katrina’s ability to seamlessly encapsulate the festive spirit in her attire is a testament to her fashion sensibility and elegance.

Ananya Pandey:

Ananya Panday In A Green Lehenga Is Diwali Mood, SEE PICS

Ananya Panday, the talented actor, showcased a perfect blend of classic and contemporary style with her ethnic ensemble during the festive season. If you’re seeking to add a touch of classic elegance to a contemporary-inspired look, you can take cues from Ananya’s stunning hairstyle.

Ananya adorned her centre-parted mane with a maang-tika, which instantly elevated her overall appearance. The maang-tika, a traditional Indian accessory worn on the forehead, added a regal and timeless touch to her hairstyle. It served as a focal point, drawing attention to her face and accentuating her features.

To complement the maang-tika, Ananya opted for sleek and straightened locks, deviating from her natural soft waves. The sleek hairstyle added a modern and polished touch to her look, while still allowing the maang-tika to shine.

Ananya Panday’s festive ensemble and hairstyle choices were a perfect example of blending classic and contemporary elements. The combination of the maang-tika with the sleek and straightened locks created a striking contrast and added a touch of elegance to her overall appearance.

If you’re inspired by Ananya’s look, you can experiment with incorporating traditional accessories like a maang-tika into your contemporary ethnic ensembles. This way, you can add a classic and regal touch to your hairstyle while maintaining a modern aesthetic.

Ananya Panday’s picture of elegance serves as inspiration for those who seek to strike the perfect balance between classic and contemporary styles, making a statement during festive occasions.

Kiara Advani:

Kiara Advani's Diwali looks that are on our radar for stylish reasons |  PINKVILLA

Kiara Advani, known for her sublime beauty choices, has blessed Instagram feeds with a clean-girl makeup look that incorporates a twist of roseate glam. This winning choice is something we all need in our festive vanities as soon as possible.

The clean-girl makeup look is all about enhancing natural beauty while adding a touch of subtle glamour. Kiara’s minimal flush of color creates a fresh and radiant appearance without going overboard. It’s a perfect choice for those who prefer a more understated yet statement-making look.

The twist of roseate glam adds a subtle pop of rosy tones to the makeup. This can be achieved by incorporating soft pink shades on the cheeks, eyes, or lips, giving a delicate and feminine touch to the overall look. The roseate glam uplifts the clean-girl makeup and adds a hint of sophistication.

The beauty of this look lies in its simplicity and versatility. It can be effortlessly adapted to different occasions, whether it’s a festive celebration or a casual gathering. The minimalistic approach allows the natural features to shine through while still adding that touch of color and glow.

If you’re looking to recreate Kiara’s clean-girl makeup look with a twist of roseate glam, focus on achieving a flawless complexion, defined yet natural-looking brows, and a subtle flush of pink on the cheeks. Opt for soft and luminous eyeshadows with a touch of pink shimmer, and complete the look with a rosy lip shade.

Kiara Advani’s sublime beauty choices inspire us to embrace the elegance of minimalism while adding a subtle twist to our festive vanities. This look is perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of simplicity and want to bring a fresh and radiant vibe to their makeup routine.

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