Priyanka Chopra’s revelation on being made to leave Bollywood proves that success is the best revenge

Priyanka Chopra’s revelation on being made to leave Bollywood proves her success

In the episode of Dax Shepherd’s podcast, Armchair Expert, Priyanka Chopra revealed the real reason behind her move to Western shores and expressed that she finally felt “safe” enough to disclose it. The phrase “Miss World” has often been used to describe Priyanka Chopra’s career, referring to her victory in the Miss World pageant in 2000. However, her journey towards global stardom has not been without challenges or difficulties. The podcast episode delves into the deeper aspects of her career and personal life, shedding light on the reasons behind her decision to pursue opportunities in Western entertainment industries.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas — Armchair Expert

In the podcast, Priyanka Chopra shared that her move to Hollywood and her rise to fame after starring in the television series Quantico was driven by a desire to escape a difficult situation in the Indian entertainment industry. She revealed that she felt cornered and faced challenges such as being overlooked for casting opportunities and having conflicts with people within the industry. Priyanka expressed her exhaustion with the politics involved and admitted that she was not adept at playing the game. As a result, she decided to take a break and sought new opportunities in Western entertainment, leading to her successful transition to Hollywood.

Priyanka Chopra feat. In My City (2013)

Priyanka Chopra reflects on her experience with making her music debut with the song “In My City.” She initially embraced the opportunity as it allowed her to explore a different part of the entertainment industry and avoid craving movie roles that she did not desire. However, as she became more involved in the music scene, she started feeling disillusioned.

Chopra mentions that being a part of the music industry required her to engage with certain clubs and cliques of people, which often involved schmoozing and groveling. This aspect of the industry clashed with her values and work ethic, as she had already worked hard to establish herself in the acting world. She did not feel inclined to participate in activities that compromised her integrity.

The actress also refers to her previous comments on The Ranveer Show, where she spoke about people who attempted to hinder her career and undermine her accomplishments. It suggests that she faced challenges and obstacles, including individuals who tried to prevent her from getting roles or succeeding in her work simply because she was doing well.

Overall, Chopra’s sobering revelation highlights the complexities and demands of the music industry and sheds light on the pressures and compromises individuals may face in pursuit of their careers.

Priyanka Chopra’s ability to navigate the entertainment industry and establish herself as a powerful figure in Hollywood. Despite facing opposition and challenges, she has managed to mold her career according to her own desires and ambitions.

The mention of an “anti-Chopra cadre” suggests that there were individuals or groups who actively worked against Chopra’s success. However, she has been able to overcome this and continue to thrive in her career. The phrase “career suicide” indicates that such opposition could have had severe negative consequences for many people in the industry, but Chopra has managed to rise above it.

Priyanka Chopra champions summer sequins at Bulgari's Jewelry Gala | Vogue India

Her ability to generate significant attention and interest with a single red carpet appearance, leading to her frequent inclusion in Google’s most searched lists. Additionally, her reputation and stature have enabled her to attract global endorsement campaigns from prestigious fashion houses like Bvlgari. The mention of potentially swapping thoughts with US Vice President Kamala Harris at a leadership forum suggests the level of success and influence she has achieved.

She is a skilled and strategic player in the entertainment industry, capable of shaping her own career trajectory and exerting influence on a global scale.

Priyanka Chopra’s success in Hollywood, distinguishes her from other Bollywood icons who have struggled to make a mark in the industry. Despite the brief appearances of some Bollywood actors in Hollywood, Chopra has managed to secure prominent roles in career-building franchises like “Baywatch” and “The Matrix.”

The passage suggests that Chopra’s ability to succeed in Hollywood can be attributed to her refusal to let obstacles discourage her. She acknowledges that there may have been instances where opportunities were taken away from her, and she may have felt upset about it privately. However, she emphasizes her determination not to dwell on setbacks. Instead, she chooses to shut off the negative noise and focus on the support and belief of those who have faith in her.

Chopra believes in focusing on the light and seeking inspiration, even in challenging times. This mindset is contrasted with the baggage and shackles imposed by people who try to hold her down. The passage implies that overcoming these external burdens is difficult but crucial to her success.

Overall, the passage emphasizes Chopra’s resilience and determination to overcome obstacles in her path. By staying focused, shutting out negativity, and finding inspiration, she has been able to carve out a successful career in Hollywood, setting herself apart from other Bollywood actors who have struggled to make a similar impact.

Celine Dion stars in new movie with Priyanka Chopra, Sam Heughan |

Priyanka Chopra’s current position in the entertainment industry, where she is working alongside industry legends like Celine Dion and Richard Madden from “Game of Thrones.” This is presented as evidence of her success and serves as a testament to the old saying that living well is the best form of revenge.

The phrase “juggles projects” suggests that Chopra is simultaneously involved in multiple high-profile projects, indicating her versatility and ability to handle different roles and collaborations. The mention of working with renowned figures like Celine Dion and Richard Madden further reinforces her status and the level of respect she commands within the industry.

Priyanka Chopra-starrer 'Citadel' set for Amazon Prime Video premiere on April 28 - The Economic Times

The statement that living well is the best revenge implies that Chopra’s success and fulfillment in her career serve as a response to any detractors or obstacles she may have encountered. It suggests that her accomplishments and thriving career are a powerful way to overcome any adversity she may have faced.

Overall, the passage highlights the pinnacle of Priyanka Chopra’s career, where she is working with esteemed industry figures and achieving success that serves as a form of personal triumph. It suggests that her ability to thrive and excel in her professional life is a testament to her resilience and serves as a response to any challenges or setbacks she may have experienced along the way.

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