Top 5 BTS Red Carpet Moments

Every time we talk about BTS, it’s always related to their songs or choreographies. But this time, let’s switch it up a bit and talk about their fashion. I mean, let’s face it, these boys don’t follow trends, they make them. 

For years we ARMY’s have always thanked the group’s stylists for putting them in outstanding ensembles that take everyone’s breath away. ARMY’s love the stylists for breaking boundaries and being bold. Because no matter where the boys go, they’re always dressed to impress. 

Well, being that well dressed for even the minor events, you can imagine how the stylists would strive to go all out for the major events such as Red Carpets and Award Shows. Amongst the camera flashes and hundreds of interviewers, it’s only appropriate for them to go all out. So without further ado, I present to you.

Top 5 BTS Red Carpet Looks:

1.2019 Billboard Music Awards

btsOnly BTS’s SUGA can rock a polka-dotted blazer. There I said it. Come at me, but seriously. The boys walked in onto the carpet studded with suits. And believe me, these were not your regular red carpet suits. They were suits that made a statement that was due to the customizations made. The boys take on the classical suit, which was to add polka dots and puffy sleeves on them. What an idea right?. The South Korean boy band also managed to match each other. And yet, maintained their individuality from their head down to their shoes.

2.2021 Grammy Awards

The amount these guys match and coordinate surprises me because not only do they maintain their personalities. But, they also stick to the theme so well. While the Grammys 2021 was a disappointing experience for us. We were still thankful for the amazing looks the boys served us that night. The boys appeared live from Seoul as they walked on their red carpet in Louis Vuitton suits following a color code of brown is to black.

3.76th UN General Assembly 2021

Not only did the group of boys walk in looking smart. But, they also made history as the only Kpop band to perform inside and outside the UN General Assembly in New York. The septet group wore matching suits, standing proudly, as they wore their matching SDG pins on their lapels. The boys dressed to impress in custom-made black suits from a sustainable fashion label in South Korea RE;CODE.

4.Global Press Conference for Dynamite 2020

This ensemble was a collaboration with Louis Vuitton, which they wore for the Global Press Conference of their Grammy Nominated song Dynamite. This set of pieces were all from Louis Vuitton’s Fall/Winter 2020 men’s collection. Designed by Virgil Abloh, the collection contained a different take on the usual corporate uniform. And added a lot of creativity to the clothes by adding ruffles and fun pinstripes.

5.2020 Grammys Awards

Marking the first time BTS performed in the Grammys. The night served us with many looks, both from the red carpet and the performance outfits. That night the boys changed the meaning of a trench coat. The boys wore coordinated trench coats in neutral shades. They always blow ARMY’s minds when they match in neutral shades. The boys wore pieces from Bottega Veneta and upped the men’s wear game that night.


Edited by Anupama Roy

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