List Of Bollywood Actresses Who Never Got Married

Marriage is a very special and essential bond in the lifetime of a person. But because of their personal choices sometimes some people do not want to get married. Marriage is a personal choice made by a person. In our B-town some of the celebrities are happily married after, some are still single and some are married but not happy. Some of the Bollywood actors choose a single life for them and to lead it. Some of the Bollywood celebrities have spared as the agony and have decided to never get married and remain single forever. But as Bollywood is known for maintaining prosperity, parallel relationships, achieving ability in their personal life or their lifestyle but some remain aside and have chosen to endure strangely single.

Most of the Bollywood actresses who have chosen to remain single forever their life are still always known for their beauties like the ones who are married. As marriage is a personal choice so the single ones are also taking most of the limelight. Here is the list of the famous single B-town actresses who have never got married and are still single.

1. Asha Parekh- Asha Parekh is one of the most legendary Bollywood actresses who had ruled the Bollywood industry in her times. She decided to remain single forever and did not get married. Her career in Bollywood started from the year 1959 to 1973s. She never declared about her personal life of relationships and therefore her identity wasn’t known. Asha was found involved in a relationship with one of her director but never married any. Her autobiography states that she was in love with Nasir.

2. Suraiya- A very known and a popular actress Suraiya, was also a singer back in the 40s and 50s. The actress was involved in a relationship with Dev Anand who was himself a very known actor. Later she wanted to marry Dev but the family of Suraiya was against their affair and marriage. The only decision of her not marrying was because of the family as it didn’t let her marry and then the actress blamed and never forgave her family for this. Afterwards, the actress was involved in a very unhealthy relationship with her mother as well as the rest of the family. This made her hate her family. Therefore Suraiya remained unmarried and single for all her life.

3. Nanda- Nanda was a very brilliant and cutest actress of the Bollywood industry as well as her origination. The actress was once committed to Manmohan Desai, who was a very popular producer. But as he died because of an accident before the time they two got married. Afterwards, all the circumstances changed Nanda‘s life eternally and so furthermore the actress decided to never get married.

4. Nagma- Nagma was a very popular face in the industry. The actress had a very well-known name in Bollywood. She was rumoured because of being in a relationship with Sourav Ganguly, who was a very popular Indian cricket captain. But later the actress decided to never get married and remain single forever.

5. Anu Aggarwal- Anu Aggarwal with her talented acting made her debut in the Bollywood industry with the movie “Aashiqui”, which was a blockbuster and a super-hit. The actress did the movie with Rahul Roy, who was another popularly known actor. Later in life, she faced a fatal accident which destroyed her face and career. Afterwards, Anu was never able to make up her mark as the successful and acknowledged actress in the Bollywood industry and still unmarried and single.

6. Parveen Babi- Parveen Babi was one of the most and the top beautiful and glamorous actress who conquered the hearts of the people in the late 70s and 80s. The actress was found hooked up in several relationships with many married men and also was later rumoured to have an affair with Amitabh Bachchan, who was a co-star in many films with her. And with whom she later was in too many irrational fears because of accusing him of trying to kill her. So she stepped back because of this and later on decided to never get married.

7. Sulakshana Pandit- Sulakshana Pandit, a very famous B-town actress who ruled the industry in the 1970s to 80s time. The actress had worked with very top-notch producers as well as actors. Reportedly she fell in love with Sanjeev Kapoor Kumar who himself was a very famous actor and later requested him to marry her. But afterwards, unfortunately, she got rejected and the proposal was not accepted. The rejection made her left in a very huge shock and the actress decided to remain single and not marrying.

8. Sushmita Sen- One of the most beautiful and gorgeous actress of the silver screen—Sushmita Sen, who won the title of Miss Universe with her charismatic personality, intelligence, great and talented acting skills and beautiful smile. Later on, the actress adopted two kids at a very young age and turned into a single mother. She has always been into her herself and done things in her way. She’s not the one who follows any rules and norms for her life. The actress is taking her own time in finding the perfect match for her life and is still unmarried.


9. Ameesha Patel- The actress with the most stunning acting and smile, came into the limelight and the fame with her debut in the film “Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai.” The film made the bachelors go weak for her but yet the actress is still single and unmarried. She was later rumoured to be in a relationship with Vikram Bhatt, a popular Bollywood director. They first met on the sets of “Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage”, which was their first movie together. However later on they broke up in the year 2008. The actress has been found in many such relationships but has never committed to anyone. Ameesha seems still searching for the one, as she stated once that find me a boy and I will get married. So the actress is waiting for that opportunity.

10. Divya Dutta- Divya Dutta is the very popular Bollywood actress who has showcased her talented acting in the movies Badlapur, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and many other, is still unmarried and waiting for the one. She once stated that she would never give up on marriages and would certainly wait for it and the right one as she is the marriage material types. Divya further stated that there would not be a perfect man but she would still wait for it and get married one day.

11. Tabu- The most beautiful, brilliant and the tallest that is the tall Lady of the Bollywood industry is the very known Tabu. She is known for showcasing her best acting skills and great performances. As she has worked in the low-budget movies, the actress goes on to garner more critical appreciation than being a super hit and a high hit in box office figures. Tabu was very well-known and popular in the late 90s to 2000. She was once into the reports for being known to engage to Sajid Nadiadwala. But later on, she broke up with him and got attracted to Nagarjuna, who was the south superstar. Lately, Tabu is unmarried and still single.

12. Nargis Fakhri- Nargis Fakhri is a very popular known item girl of the Bollywood industry. Besides being a very famous item girl she is also being a model and an actress. As per the reports, she has not married anyone but has been found dating and in a relationship with Uday Chopra as per the media and as further it was inspected she was with Matt Alonzo—American director. But the very famous B-town actress is not married yet.

So these were some amazing, beautiful and gorgeous actresses who are still not married and leading a single life forever in their ways!

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