33 years old, Pooja Hegde wears floral drape skirt co-ord set: New silhouette story to look at this festive season

Pooja Hegde wears floral drape skirt co-ord set: New silhouette story to look at this festive season

Pooja Hegde, the talented actress celebrated for her exquisite fashion choices, once again stole the show at Ramesh Taurani’s star-studded Diwali event. Pooja effortlessly became a torchbearer of modest fashion, catching the attention of the paparazzi with her distinct and impeccable style that set her apart in a sea of Bollywood celebrities. For the occasion, Pooja was elegantly and charmingly dressed in a beautifully patterned skirt combo, showcasing her fashion prowess.

Pooja Hegde style fashion

The choice of a nicely patterned skirt combo reflected Pooja Hegde’s ability to blend elegance with charm, creating a look that was both sophisticated and eye-catching. Her ensemble not only resonated with the festive spirit of Diwali but also showcased her unique sense of style that consistently makes her a standout on the fashion scene.

Pooja’s commitment to modest fashion at the star-studded event not only made a fashion statement but also highlighted her individuality in an industry known for its diverse and dynamic fashion landscape. Her ability to carry herself with grace and style, coupled with her carefully curated fashion choices, reinforces her status as a trendsetter and style icon in the entertainment industry.

In essence, Pooja Hegde’s appearance at Ramesh Taurani’s Diwali event was a testament to her flair for fashion and her ability to make a statement with grace and charm. Her elegantly patterned skirt combo exemplified the perfect blend of festive allure and contemporary style, making her a focal point of admiration in the dazzling world of Bollywood fashion.

Pooja Hegde made a stunning statement with her latest fashion choice, donning a magnificent patterned co-ord outfit that showcased her impeccable sense of style. The eye-catching garment featured embellishments on the neckline, sleeves, and shoulders, adorned with lovely floral threadwork patches that were artistically and randomly arranged. The intricate detailing added a touch of sophistication and charm to the co-ord set, elevating it to a new level of elegance.

The top of the co-ord set boasted a jewel neckline and long sleeves, contributing to its stylish and refined appearance. The jewel neckline added a regal touch, framing Pooja’s face gracefully, while the long sleeves added an element of modesty and sophistication to the overall look. The combination of these design elements created a harmonious and balanced ensemble that perfectly suited the star-studded Diwali event.

Pooja Hegde’s choice of the patterned co-ord outfit not only showcased her fashion-forward approach but also highlighted her ability to effortlessly blend traditional elements with contemporary style. The floral threadwork patches added a timeless and feminine touch, making the outfit a standout choice for the festive occasion.

In essence, Pooja Hegde looked amazing in her latest fashion ensemble, and the patterned co-ord outfit served as a testament to her fashion acumen and ability to make a memorable statement on any red carpet. Her distinct style continues to captivate the fashion world, setting benchmarks for elegance and sophistication in the realm of Bollywood fashion.

Pooja Hegde’s stylish yellow co-ord fit featuring floral print

The top exuded its full charm when paired with a beautifully flowing floral printed skirt. The draped skirt, adorned with exquisite patchwork, was strategically positioned only at the waistline, creating a distinctive and captivating look. The skillful placement of patchwork added a touch of artistry to the garment, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.

What caught everyone’s attention was the seamless continuity of the engaging design from the top, extending to the skirt. This thoughtful coordination created a cohesive and visually attractive outfit, where the matching elements of the top and skirt harmonized to form a captivating ensemble.

The flowing floral printed skirt not only complemented the elegance of the top but also added a dynamic and vibrant dimension to the overall look. The combination of intricate details, floral patterns, and expert craftsmanship made this co-ord set a standout choice, perfectly suited for a star-studded Diwali event.

In essence, Pooja Hegde’s choice of the co-ord outfit, with the wonderful combination of the top and the flowing floral printed skirt, showcased her ability to curate a look that is both sophisticated and visually appealing. The seamless integration of design elements contributed to the overall allure of the ensemble, making it a memorable and standout fashion moment in the dazzling world of Bollywood.

Pooja Hegde made thoughtful choices in accessories to complement her lovely attire. Adorning her ears with large, long jhumkas, she introduced a sense of traditional grandeur to her entire look. The intricate pattern of her jhumkas not only matched but also enhanced the aesthetic of her clothing, contributing to the overall beauty of the ensemble.

Pooja Hegde in floral printed top with draped skirt

The choice of jhumkas served as a statement accessory, adding a touch of cultural richness and elegance to the modern co-ord outfit. Pooja’s decision to opt for these traditional earrings demonstrated her ability to seamlessly blend contemporary fashion with timeless and cultural elements. The jhumkas not only enhanced the overall charm of the outfit but also showcased her attention to detail in creating a well-rounded and cohesive look.

In essence, Pooja Hegde’s accessory choice of large, long jhumkas perfectly complemented her lovely attire, adding a traditional and regal element to the contemporary co-ord set. The synergy between the accessories and the clothing highlighted her fashion finesse, creating a look that was not only visually appealing but also celebrated the richness of Indian traditional aesthetics.

Pooja Hegde added the finishing touches to her appearance with a finger ring that offered a modest yet stunning touch. The choice of a finger ring served as an understated accessory, contributing to the overall elegance of her look. The Housefull 4-star demonstrated her ability to balance statement pieces with subtlety, ensuring that every detail complemented the ensemble without overpowering it.

To complete her costume, Pooja opted for a similar golden handbag, adding a touch of refinement to her overall look. The coordinated choice of the handbag not only provided practicality but also served as a unifying element, linking the entire look together. The golden hue of the handbag harmonized with the color palette of her outfit, creating a cohesive and polished appearance.

In essence, Pooja Hegde’s accessorizing choices, including the finger ring and the matching golden handbag, showcased her attention to detail and refined taste. The modest yet stunning additions contributed to the overall sophistication of her ensemble, reinforcing her status as a fashion icon with a keen sense of style. The cohesive coordination of accessories further elevated the visual appeal of her appearance, making it a memorable fashion moment.

Pooja Hegde’s eyes popped with beautifully smeared makeup that enhanced their inherent attractiveness. The Mohenjo Daro fame chose a stunning pink lipstick that complemented her clothing well, giving her lips a delicate and feminine touch. The choice of lipstick added a subtle yet vibrant element to her overall makeup, contributing to the harmonious color palette of her ensemble.

Her hair was arranged into loose curls with a front side division, lending a glamorous touch to her entire image. The loose curls framed her face elegantly, adding a touch of softness and sophistication to her overall look. The front side division added a modern and trendy element, showcasing her ability to incorporate contemporary hairstyling into a traditional-inspired outfit.

Pooja Hegde in floral printed full sleeved top with draped skirt

In essence, Pooja Hegde’s makeup and hairstyling choices were in perfect harmony with her outfit, creating a cohesive and polished appearance. The beautifully smeared makeup, complemented by the stunning pink lipstick, and the arrangement of loose curls with a front side division all contributed to the overall glamour and sophistication of her look. Pooja Hegde once again demonstrated her mastery in curating a red carpet-ready appearance that seamlessly blended traditional and modern elements.


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