AMA CAFÉ: A Hidden Gem Of North Campus, Delhi

Who doesn’t love food? Well, everyone does, I suppose. Whether it is just a casual get-together or a planned date or even binge-eat or maybe stress-eating, we all love to dine out at times.

And in the scorching heat of New Delhi, students mostly prefer going out somewhere to relax after long lectures or stressful internals. So, here we are to unveil a hidden gem at the little Tibet, Majnu ka Tilla in the North campus: AMA CAFÉ.

You are not a real DU fresher if you have not explored this place already. Located just a few km from the Vishwavidyalaya Metro station, this café has it all. Right from the ambiance, warm lighting, cheerful environment.

A local touch of Tibetan decor to mouth-licking, tongue-dripping, finger-smacking food and beverages. Pancakes and shakes are their specialties which you could enjoy on a brunch here for a very affordable price.


Their non-veg range is heavenly and will leave you satisfied with each bite. Oh, and also, their patisserie options are delightful, delectable, and fresh every time, especially ‘Ama’s Special.’

Additionally, suppose you get confused while deciding what to order. In that case, there is an adorable “Today’s special” card on the table waiting for you, along with a welcoming staff to rescue you with smiling faces anytime you need.

Also, in case you couldn’t stop yourself, gobbled up a lot, and now your stomach pains, you have got the option to stroll through the local Tibetan bazaar and get cute, fancy articles that are intrusive and hard to ignore.

One ultimate store to visit is the KOJA, a lifestyle store from Korea and Japan with multiple options of endearing skincare and BTS collection to shop from. There are a variety of other local stores too.

Since it’s a place known to only a few, reaching here could be a bit annoying for the first time, but we have got you covered! You can reach Majnu ka Tilla by cab, e-rickshaw from Vishwavidyalaya metro station or by metro till Vidhan Sabha and then taking an auto, it’s all up to you because ultimately you’ve to travel the distance on foot till the café which is situated on the first floor.

You may have to ask for directions for the first time because even the maps don’t work well at times, but all this chaos is worth the food and ambiance you get once you enter the café and meet the sweetest staff with greeting faces.

During the peak hours, like early or late evenings, you might have to wait for tables to vacate, but don’t you worry, even the waiting area is camera-ready, and you could click aesthetic photos for your insta feed. Ding-ding! A bonus altogether, right?

It is open for everyone from 8 am till 10 pm. It should be on your go-to list anytime you want to experience an extraordinary meal in a wooden Tibetan set-up.

Edited by Urvashi Gupta

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