North Sentinel Island- World’s Most Mysterious Island

North Sentinel Island is a small island area on the Bay of Bengal and comes under Andaman Nicobar Islands. The tribal group living here is called the Sentinelese. The tribal group living here are the most isolated people and they have stayed away from the rest of the world for more than 60,000 years. It was reported that the Sentinelese have not even invented fire yet.  North Sentinel Island is the last tribal area that is not influenced by any modern culture and they are not exposed to the outside world.

Many journalists and researchers have attempted to reach the North Sentinel Island but the Sentinelese will attack them with stones and knives. It was reported that many journalists had even died while attempting to enter the North Sentinel Island.

The Indian government had tried to support and help the tribal groups several times. In 2004, when a tsunami attacked the Andaman Nicobar Islands enormously the North Sentinel Island was also largely affected. So, the Indian government came forward to help the Sentinelese by providing them food and other necessary goods. However, the Sentinelese refused to accept their help and in fact, they attacked the helpers aggressively. This proves that the Sentinelese always wished to protect themselves from the outside world interference.

The North Sentinel Island was claimed to be the banned area by the government. Despite being a banned area, two fishermen entered the North Sentinel Island in the year 2006 knowing that there were abundant fish. Sadly, the two fishermen were killed cruelly by the tribal group of the North Sentinel Island. The area is guarded by the Indian Navy to make sure that no one enters the North Sentinel Island without proper permission from the government.

North Sentinel Island: Home to an Uncontacted, Hostile and Primitive Tribe

How the Sentinelese originated?

It was reported that the Sentinelese, were originally Negrito (dark skinned ethnic tribal group) and they migrated to the North Sentinel Island through Indonesia.

Death of John Allen Chau by the Sentinelese

John Allen Chau was an American pastor who aimed to preach Christianity in the North Sentinel Island. Though he knew that the place was dangerous, he took a risk to go there. On November 15th, 2018 he made his first attempt to reach the North Sentinel Island believing that he could spread Christianity in the North Sentinel Island. On his first attempt to enter the North Sentinel Island, he was substantially attacked by the tribal group. But, John Allen Chau managed to escape from the Island with great efforts. Next he made his second attempt to enter the North Sentinel Island on November 17th, 2018 but unfortunately, John Allen Chau was killed by the tribal group on November 17th, 2018. The Indian government tried to recover his body from the Sentinelese and they were unsuccessful in recovering his body because of the rude activity of the tribal group.

Thus, the mystery behind the North Sentinel Island is unrevealed and further researchers about the North Sentinel Island are doubted.

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