Top 5 Tips To Lose Weight Faster

In this fast-changing era, machines have become faster, and humans have become lazier than before. Being overweight is a common problem in any age group, and since the day work from home has started, the issue of binge eating and gaining those extra pounds has increased reportedly. Many of us have tried to lose weight in every possible way we can but haven’t succeeded at times.

Here, we have five easy tips to lose weight faster while being at home.

1. Don’t eat anything after 8 pm


One golden rule to reduce or maintain weight is to cease eating after 8 pm. There should be a gap of at least 2-3 hours between your dinner and bedtime so that the food gets digested properly and doesn’t bulk up in your tummy for the night. Even if you are waking up till midnight, try not to consume carbohydrates after 8 pm. You can switch to fruits, green tea, nuts, or even a piece of dark chocolate but try not to eat a heavy meal at night. It sounds a simple, insignificant tip but can do wonders if taken care of.

2. Have a detox drink

Detox drinks work magically in cleansing your system and maintaining your gut health. They are proven to reduce weight when taken on an empty stomach. You don’t need to go for high-end detox waters; instead, you can make one at home easily. In a pitcher, put a few slices of lemon with peels, some fresh mint leaves, one teaspoon of grated ginger, few slices of cucumber, and add normal water.

Keep this in the refrigerator overnight and the next day when you wake up, put the pitcher outside for the temperature to come to normal, and then drink this mixture on an empty stomach. Don’t eat anything afterward for around 15-20 minutes.

You can even drink this water throughout the day. Try replacing your ordinary sugar-loaded shakes and juices with this flavored detox water. This simple detox drink is easy to make, helps in your weight loss journey, adds glow to your skin, and fades away blemishes. It helps in purifying your entire system. Just a handful of kitchen ingredients, and you are good to go!

3. Add some cardio

Exercise is essential if you are trying to shed those stubborn kilos, and no matter how much restraints you put to your diet, if you are not exercising along with it, it’s all in vain. If exercise is not your area, you can go for some asanas and yogic postures, or simply, for a run or even a walk. Yoga is beneficial in the long run, it takes a long for its effects to show, but those effects are permanent.

On the other hand, running increases your heartbeat, makes you sweat and helps burn calories faster than walking, but you cannot start running all of a sudden. It takes time to develop this habit; hence, first, begin with walking daily and then switch to running when you feel like it. Understand what your body is saying.

If you are unable to run faster, then jog, and if not jogging, then walk. Walking briskly just for 1 hour each day can have pragmatic effects on your weight loss journey when combined with a proper diet. Adding some form of cardio is necessary, and your daily household chores don’t count in exercise, which many people mistakenly assume. Cardio is anything that increases your heartbeat and makes you sweat. So, just grab on those shoes and start walking. You can even track the calories burnt and distance walked by downloading any of the health apps.

4. Stay hydrated

Many people ignore the importance of hydration when it comes to managing or reducing weight. Hydration, by all means, is essential even if you are not trying to work on your weight. Water keeps you full for a longer time but try to avoid water in between meals or even after and before them. You can have a warm glass of water 1 hr before and 1 hr after your meals to satiate your hunger. It will induce the feeling of fullness and will restrict you from overeating. Lukewarm water is better when you are trying to manage weight.

Never drink water just after taking it out from a refrigerator. Add some seasonal fruits to your diet to increase your fiber content and hydration levels. Avoid sugary, carbonated, packaged drinks, instead grab a bottle of water when you are heading- out, always.

5. Walk after meals

Exercising once in the morning and remaining sedentary and inactive for the entire day won’t help you lose weight. If you honestly want to manage or reduce your weight, then it is true that you have to give up that comfort of lying on your bed after your meals. Instead, you have to be active after meals, and it is necessary to walk at least 1000 steps after every meal. This won’t help only in the better assimilation and digestion of food but also in better metabolism, which is vital for managing weight.

We understand that it gets challenging to walk once you have gobbled like hawks, and all you want to do is lie on your belly and take a nap, but you should never sleep after having a meal. Try to wait for a while but walk afterward to prevent weight gain. You can even climb stairs to feel lighter in the stomach quickly. Grab on your earplugs, play your best playlist, and just roam around in your room or your entire home; it’s all up to you, but JUST DON’T SIT OR SLEEP.

These small tips look ordinary and unimportant while reading, but once you develop these five habits, your weight managing journey would speed up, and you will experience a drastic change in yourself. Thank me later!

Edited by Prakriti Arora

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