Top Villains Of Bollywood

The Bollywood industry has been a platform for the villain and the negative roles besides the heroic roles as well. The negative role also plays an important part in the Bollywood industry, it adds extra masala and entertainment to the movies. Villainy adds hatred, fear and power within the audience. The big-screen shows Bollywood villains evolving in different shades. Most of them being a baddie, have appeared as smart, handsome, modern, scary and crafty.

Bollywood is a platform to showcase the actor’s talents. Some draw a very heroic image through there talents whereas some have a potential and talent to create an image of the most popular villain of their time. It has its hero as well as the villain. The importance given to a hero is as equivalent to a villain. If the platform needs a hero then the platform requires a villain too. There is no way a hero can sustain without a villain because if there’s a hero, there would be a villain too or there would exist no hero if there’s no villain. A hero cannot be a hero without a villain. So the villain in the movies plays a very important role in the Bollywood industry to make a movie as interesting and entertaining as it could. There are so many popular villains till date. So many versatile actors are being called the most popular villain of their times. The villain is a bad or a very negative character of the film who mostly does bad to everyone for some reasons. A villain adds most of the “masala” and entertainment to the movie. It is because of the villain the hero looks “A Hero”.

Here is the list of top 15 villains who were popular in their times and some of the new generation villain too:

1. Pran Krishan Sikand- Pran, a very popular and old-time villain, was one with the facial looks, characters, hairstyles, accents, dramatic heroic voices and mannerisms which counted for him being the most popular villain. The actor has shown his brilliant performances on stage, with the most intense facial looks, that counts to his success in the film industry as a negative role. Credits to the actor have been given to perform— the cruel and dreaded ‘Raja Ugra Narayan’ in Madhumati (1958). The most negative roles of his career were ‘Gajendra’ from Ram Aur Shyam (1968), which has the famous dialogue: “Maalik ke saamne nazar jhuka kar rakh budtameez.” The actor has created such an impact among the audience that the parents in that time didn’t even name their children as Pran because he was someone very cruel and was seemed to be looked like a villain in the real-life too and was looked as a baddie as well. The villains’ look was so harsh and invoke fear into the audience. Pran was usually showed by smoking cigarette’s rings. He was the one who started doing different getups and made different trends which were later followed up by Gulshan Grover. His acting had so much of reality and he was such a brilliant actor of his time.

2. Jeevan- Jeevan was amongst the first who was the well-known villain of his time that is of the 60s, 70s and 80s. He created a very popular image in the film industry, people knew him by his name and because of his brilliant acting on the stage. He was a comic villain, who created the trend, which was later on followed by many such villains namely Shakti Kapoor, Prem Chopra and Kader Khan. The dialogue delivery and the very loud voice with attitude and his manners kept him the very different whole of the industry and the villains. Jeevan from the very start i.e. from being an evil villager to a shrewd Zamindar and later on an opportunist politician, an urbane, sophisticated smuggler and many such characters variations were played by him of all type of villainous roles. Movies such as “Amar Akbar Anthony”, “Dharam Veer”, “Naya Daur” and “Johny Mera Naam” were some of his best-played movies which are still known for the actor’s excellent performance.

3. Prem Chopra- Prem Chopra was one of the most versatile villains of his time. He is one of the kinds of actor who’s still well-known till date. He was a very soft-spoken, charming and had a very different style— a stylish one indeed, but he was a womaniser person. He developed western culture into the Bollywood industry. And also inspired and attracted the audience to watch his films. Prem started the trend of sexual polygamy, illicit relationship, molestation etc on the big screen which was followed up by Shakti Kapoor and Ranjit. He was most of the time, characterised and shown as a manipulative young brother or uncle who was in the relationship for his means. Prem played all his villain character best, as he was versatile in the field. One of his most famous dialogue from the film Bobby was “Prem nam hai mera, Prem Chopra”, this single line made him the most known and also shown his over and above villainy. Movies such as “Dostana”, “Aas Paas”, “Phool Bane Angaarey”, “Do Anjaane”, “Kati Patang”, “Upkaar” and “Do Raaste”, were some of his most popular movies in those times.

4. Amjad Khan- Sholay actor—Amjad Khan and the most well-known villain was the most iconic one. He made a well-recognised name in the Bollywood industry through the film Sholay. The actor’s character “Gabbar” was the one that came into the limelight. Sholay is a very old film of 1975 and became the most popular film. The movie was made more famous by the actors—acting. Gabbar was the character which was personified sadism. Amjad showed such iconic and unforgettable dialogues along with his most known and villainy laughter that could grab the attention of everyone. He was a pure villain and his acting gave such fame to him. His character gave recognition to a monster/devil of the film industry, who is still unbeatable by any actor. His dialogues are even remembered by today’s generation. The actor with his popularity continued to play more sophisticated and urbane criminal roles however couldn’t create Sholay’s uniqueness and magic again.

5. Kulbhushan Kharbanda- Kulbhushan Kharbanda known well for his on-screen smile, was also known for delivering his dialogues very calmly and sophisticatedly. Some of his famous dialogues were “Ajeeb janwar hai … kitna bhi khaye bhookha hi rehta hai” from movie Shaan (1980) and “Yeh zahreeli gas dheere dheere mehfil ko aur rangeen banati rahegi.” He was a villain known for his calmness and the look which was probably was inspired by James Bond. He worked in the movie Shaan (1980) as “Shakaal” and that was a very well-known character of him. Besides this, he also performed devil and villainous roles in Prem Rog (1982) and Bulandi (1981).

6. Mukesh Rishi- Mukesh Rishi well-known villain of the Bollywood industry showcase his talent— villainy with the tallest height and anger looks he had. He has a pretty known face for Bollywood lovers. Mukesh Rishi has played various characters of villain i.e. negative roles in several movies. He was seen in Jadwa, Ghatak and many other, where he displayed his talent well. One of his most popular dialogue was “Mera naam hai Bulla, rakhta hun khulla”. Mukesh has played numerous negative roles in the films, that have been super-hits. The actors’ most famous and last movie was Khiladi 786 (2012), which had a prominent character of Ikhattar Singh. His other movies include Sooryavansham (1999), Gunda (1998), Qurbaaniyan (2000) etc.

7. Gulshan Grover- Gulshan Grover is a well-known actor for his dialogues and image that he has. He is known as the one, attacking his co-stars with the axe for knife and murdering them. He acted in movie Ram Lakhan (1989) as ‘Kesariya Valeti’, that enhanced his character because of his rigorous looks and baddie dialogues. His acting in movie Mohra (1994) was displayed as a dirty character and was accomplished as the best performance of him till date. The actors’ other movies include Dilwale (1994) Criminal (1994) Taarzan: The wonder car (2004) etc.

8. Danny Denzongpa- Danny Denzongpa is the villain who was known for his fashionable villainous persona and his cool glasses with the slick back in the movie—Agneepath. The actor was well known for his character in the movie too. Danny made his mark in the Bollywood industry as a villain in movies such as Ghatak (1996) and Hum (1991). One of his most popular dialogue was “Apna Ussool Kehta Hai, Daayen Haath Se Jurum Karo Toh Baayen Haath Ko Pata Bhi Na Chale” from the movie Agneepath (1990). Other movies with Danny’s best performances were Sanaf Bewafa (1991), Seven Years In Tibet (1997) and many more.

9. Amrish Puri- Amrish Puri was another iconic villain in the film industry. The actor had a husky masculine voice and always gave shivers down the spine with his horrifying appearance and fierce eyes and looks. The actor became popular because of a film Mr India (1987) and the most famous dialogue of that was “Mogambo Khush Hua,”. The actor gave more stunning and impeccable performances in Baadshah (1999) and Karan Arjun (1996). Amrish Puri has been a very famous villain as well as a hero. Just like Shakaal (villain), Mogambo was also the most terrifying and fearful role played. He is the last and the iconic recognition of Hindi movies who had the power to terrorise audience with his fearful and roaring voice and rigorous looks. He had that cruel and ruthlessness just like a villain, within himself. Mr India gave him opportunities to outshow his talents. After the famous villainy movies, the actor was also seen singing songs for his films and later got featured for it.

10. Anupam Kher- Anupam Kher has given spectacular performances till date. He has played a very interesting role of ‘Dr Dang’ in Karma (1986), directed by Subhash Ghai. The role was very esoteric and lethal as he had a scientist and a terrorist combination which was such a deadly one and made his dialogues more entertaining and chilling in the film. One of his famous dialogue was “Iss thappad ki goonj suni tumne? Ab iss goonj ki goonj tumhe zindagi bhar sunai degi”, he said this dialogue in a conversation with Dilip Kumar, in the movie. Anupam Kher performed stunningly and brilliantly in the film Chaalbaaz (1989) too.

11. Shakti Kapoor- Shakti Kapoor is one of the most iconic artists’ of the film industry. Rapist, caricatures, comic, the actor has played them all with immense talent. With him being displaying most of the negative roles, the actor had formed an image of an evil rapist in the industry. Shakti Kapoor is well known for his work in today’s time and became a star overnight because of his excellent performance in the movie Qurbani (1980), directed by Feroz Khan. The movie became a blockbuster super-hit too. Some of his dialogues were, “Abhi hamari ek mulaqat aur hogi, aur woh tumhare liye aakhri hogi”, “Aau! Lalita!” (Tohfa), “Main hu Nandu, sabka bandhu” (Raja Babu), “Aakhen nikaal kar gotiyan khelta hu main gotiya” (Andaz Apna Apna) and so many more are still remembered by the audience, so well. The negative roles played by the actors in some of the movies were Janbaaz (1986), Rocky (1981), Andaz Apna Apna (1994) etc.

12. Prakash Raj- Prakash Raj is a popular supervillain and acted in quite a lot of movies including Singham, Wanted, Dabangg 2, Entertainment and many more. He is a character seen as a villain because of his superb acting skills and his best performance as ‘Jaikant Shikre’ in Singham (2012). The most superb and well-played character by him. Singham’s— was the best performance celebrated till date. It was recognised for entertainment and also the actor was able to grab the attention of the audience by his most clever and cunning villain famously quoting “Aali re alai…. maajhi bar alai.” He has been a very popular villain in South Indian movies too.

13. Sonu Sood- Sonu Sood is one of the most handsome villains of today’s time. He has acted in a negative role as a villain in the movies like Dabang. Dabang was the most famous movie, where he came into limelight and the character name was Chhedi Singh. The actor’s weird smile is so recognised image amongst the audience. He mostly came out to be shirtless in the climax of such villainy films. His next project is with R Rajkumar and he was spotted acting as a villain again in the movie. His negative roles have created a very different image in the Bollywood industry.

14. Manoj Bajpai- Manoj Bajpai is also the new known villain in Bollywood. He has been in a negative role in so many films as well as web-series till now but whereas, in some, he has been a hero as well. The actor has a grey shade in the film “Tevar” that seemed entertaining and refreshing to the audience. Besides Tevar, the actor has been seen in so many other films like Satya (1998), Rajneeti (2010), Gangs of Wasseypur (2012), Traffic (2016) etc.

15. Nawazuddin Siddiqui- Nawazuddin Siddiqui is a very versatile and well-known personality in the Bollywood industry in today’s time. The character he plays mostly is negative and villainy. The actor is loved by the audience and is looked upon his excellent and brilliant performance on the stage. Nawazuddin Siddiqui is one in the limelight today. Through his versatile nature, he adapts every particular character of the film and acts as if he belongs to the film. Besides his roles, the most roles played by him is negative. Movies such as Kick, Badlapur, Raghav Raman and many more, he has been in a negative role and has played as a supervillain. He is in demand in the Bollywood industry because of his excellent performance and his fame is increasing day by day. People love his acting a lot. Recently, he is working on a movie for his next project which is grey shade i.e. Munna Michael.

These were some of the supervillains of Bollywood, who by their acting and talents has reached great heights in their times’!

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